Where Can I Shop For Sustainable Or Eco-friendly Products In Portland?

Where can I shop for sustainable or eco-friendly products in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Sustainable Shopping Guide

EcoVibe. Apparel

This local establishment focuses on offering sourced fashion and home goods that prioritize sustainability. They curate a collection of clothing, accessories and home decor that aligns with living principles.

Reclaim It!

This non profit organization salvages materials from the waste stream and makes them available for purchase. Their store is a destination for finding building materials, furniture, home decor items and art.

Peoples Food Co op

More than a grocery store, Peoples Food Co op provides an exceptional selection of local organic and non GMO products. They are deeply committed to sustainability and community values.

Buffalo Exchange

If you're searching for fashionable and affordable secondhand clothing options, Buffalo Exchange is the place to visit. While its not the way to be environmentally friendly shopping secondhand is a choice, for sustainable living.

Next Adventure

This consignment store is a spot for nature lovers who want to shop. They have both used gear making it easier to enjoy outdoor activities while being kinder to the environment.

Powells Books

This iconic bookstore has a collection of used books, which's a more sustainable option compared to buying new ones. Book enthusiasts can find any book they're looking for at Powells without contributing to printing and resource consumption.

Beam & Anchor

This store offers a combination of made and designed products, including home items and handmade crafts that prioritize quality and durability.

Portland Saturday Market

On weekends from March until Christmas, this outdoor market brings together artisans who focus on creating sustainable and eco friendly crafts and products.

Additional Resources

Here are some places in Portland where you can find products:

Remember that supporting local farmers markets and opting for products with minimal packaging are also ways to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.


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Where can I shop for sustainable or eco-friendly products in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Sustainable Shopping

  • Tender Loving Empire

    . This unique store combines retail and a record label offering handcrafted goods made by artists and makers. Their products prioritize the use of materials and methods.
  • Food Fight! Grocery

    . As a vegan grocery store Food Fight! ensures that all their products are animal friendly and environmentally conscious. Opting for plant based products is a way to reduce your impact.
  • MadeHere PDX

    . Featuring a collection of made sustainable products ranging from home goods to personal care items MadeHere PDX serves as a hub for Portland based designers, artists and makers.
  • Reuse. A Common Threads Initiative

    . Those seeking fashion in Portland can find solace at Common Threads where the focus is, on recycled and upcycled clothing promoting the reduction of textile waste.
  • New Seasons Market

    . This grocery store that is locally owned is dedicated to sustainability. Offers a variety of organic and locally sourced products. They are strongly committed, to achieving zero waste. Have gained recognition for their business practices.
  • Columbia Sportswear Company

    . With its headquarters situated in Portland Columbia has made strides in producing friendly outdoor apparel and gear. They provide products that have a reduced impact on the environment.
  • Patagonia Portland

    . Patagonia is renowned for its activism. Offers top notch outdoor clothing and gear designed to last long and be repaired rather than replaced which aligns with their commitment, to sustainability.
  • The Joinery

    . If you're looking for furniture The Joinery creates handcrafted pieces using sourced hardwoods ensuring that your purchases are not aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly.
  • Spartan Shop

    . This boutique specializes in goods with timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship many of which incorporate materials and neutral aesthetics that promote longevity over trends.
  • Local Farmers Markets

    . In Portland there are farmers markets that you can explore. One popular option is the Portland Farmers Market, at PSU, where you can find a range of locally sourced produce. Additionally these markets often offer options and products made by artisans who prioritize sustainability.
  • Portland is known for its commitment to sustainability and as a consumer you have plenty of choices to support this cause. By shopping at these farmers markets not do you contribute to the economy but also make a positive impact on the environment by selecting products that are designed to last and minimize waste.

For information and resources, on shopping in Portland consider checking out the following establishments;