Where Can I Find The Most Diverse Communities In Portland?

Where can I find the most diverse communities in Portland?

Portland, Oregon is renowned for its values and dynamic cultural scene, which also extends to its neighborhoods.

If you're seeking the varied communities, in Portland there are a few standout areas worth exploring;

East Portland;

This region, along and east of 82nd Avenue boasts a tapestry of ethnic diversity. It's home to an population from countries like Vietnam, China, Russia and Somalia. Neighborhoods like Hazelwood and Mill Park exemplify the citys richness through their array of businesses, eateries and community gatherings.


Nestled in Northeast Portland Cully consistently ranks among the diverse neighborhoods in the area. It embraces a blend of Latino African American Native Asian residents—a melting pot reflected in its markets, cultural establishments and community gardens.

St. Johns;

Located in North Portland at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers tip formed peninsula lies St. Johns—a historically working class neighborhood that has witnessed a flourishing diversity over time. Its affordability and charming small town ambiance attract residents, from backgrounds—truly establishing it as a hub.


In the Portland area although technically a part of the city of Gresham there's a neighborhood called Rockwood that really stands out for its diversity. It's a place where you'll find people, from backgrounds, such as Latino, Asian, African and Eastern European communities.

Another neighborhood to consider when looking for diversity in Portland is Lents. This Southeast Portland area is one of the neighborhoods in the city. Has been experiencing significant growth in its diverse resident population. With efforts they aim to provide more housing options and amenities while still preserving the unique cultural fabric of the community.

If you're interested in experiencing the diversity I recommend keeping an eye out for community events like neighborhood fairs, farmers markets and cultural festivals. These gatherings tend to attract a range of participants. Can give you a real sense of what the local community is like.

For information about demographics and up to date statistics on Portlands diverse communities I suggest visiting either the official website of Portland City Government or checking out the resources provided by the Population Research Center at Portland State University.

Additional Resources;

Portland City Government; Portland Oregon Demographics

This website offers information and reports on various populations, within the city.

Portland State University Population Research Center; PSU Population Research provides insights and information, about the changing demographics, in Portland and its neighboring areas.

For a range of community based activities and resources you can explore The Intertwine which lists organizations that serve as gateways to diverse communal experiences.

By exploring these neighborhoods and utilizing these resources you can truly immerse yourself in the diversity that Portlands various communities have to offer.


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Where can I find the most diverse communities in Portland?

Portland Neighborhoods

  • Lloyd District

    This neighborhood is currently undergoing a transformation. Stands out as one of the diverse areas, in Portland. It's home to the Lloyd Center mall. Is conveniently located near the Oregon Convention Center, which frequently hosts events.

  • Parkrose

    Situated in Northeast Portland Parkrose attracts a population with residents who are immigrants from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. The area exudes its diversity through its offerings, businesses and the Parkrose Marketplace—an open air market showcasing products, from local and international artisans.

  • Montavilla

    Found in Southeast Portland Montavilla is a community brimming with diversity and flourishing enterprises. The annual Montavilla Street Fair epitomizes the neighborhoods spirit by featuring an assortment of cuisines, music performances and artisan crafts.

  • SoMa (South of Market)

    In downtown Portland there is an district surrounding the South Park Blocks. While its not specifically considered a neighborhood it boasts a range of institutions such, as the Portland Art Museum, numerous galleries and Portland State University. This university attracts students from all corners of the globe.

Another noteworthy area is the Portland International District encompassing neighborhoods along 82nd Avenue and in proximity to each other. It includes parts of East Portland and Jade District. This district is renowned for its influence and is home to many Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean residents as well as businesses.

To truly immerse yourself in Portlands diversity I recommend exploring centers and engaging with community organizations. One such organization is IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization) which offers services and community events that celebrate the cultural tapestry of Portlands residents.

For information and resources;

  • IRCO (Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization); You can find details about their work on their website; IRCOs Website
  • Venture Portland; To support neighborhood business districts in Portland Venture Portland provides insights, into district events and local businesses. Check out their website for information; Venture Portlands Website

If you're interested, in experiencing the culture diverse dining options or exploring neighborhoods with an international vibe Travel Portlands Neighborhoods Page is a great resource. It provides insights into the flavors and characteristics of Portlands various neighborhoods giving you a glimpse, into the citys rich tapestry of diverse inhabitants and cultures. Take a stroll through these communities to immerse yourself in the essence of Portland.