Where Can I Find The Best Craft Beer In Portland?

Where can I find the best craft beer in Portland?

Portland, Oregon also referred to as "Beervana " is famous, for its thriving craft beer culture. It boasts one of the concentrations of breweries per person. When you're on the lookout for craft beer the city offers noteworthy breweries and taprooms where you can indulge in a diverse range of top notch brews.

Here are some recommended establishments;

  • Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House – Situated in the Pearl District Deschutes is a brewery in Oregon that provides an array of beers to suit all tastes.
  • Breakside Brewery – With locations, including its pub in Northeast Portland Breakside Brewery is renowned for its inventive beers and has earned several accolades such as medals from the Great American Beer Festival.
  • Cascade Brewing Barrel House – Recognized for their beers Cascade Brewing offers a tasting experience featuring a variety of barrel aged sour ales.
  • Hair of the Dog Brewing Company – A trailblazer in the craft beer scene Hair of the Dog presents an assortment of unique brews that make it an essential destination, for beer enthusiasts.

Here are some breweries, in Portland that you should check out;

  • Upright Brewing; They specialize in farmhouse style ales with a Pacific Northwest twist. You can find them tucked away in the Lower Albina neighborhood.
  • Great Notion Brewing; This brewery is famous for their IPAs and creative stouts. Both locals and visitors love their beers.
  • Ecliptic Brewing; If you're into both beer and astronomy this is the place for you. They have a fun space themed atmosphere. Offer a variety of craft beers.
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB); Known for being sustainable and organic HUB is perfect, for beer enthusiasts who appreciate high quality organic brews.

To fully immerse yourself in Portlands craft beer scene consider taking one of the brewery tours available or using beer apps like "Untappd" to discover favorites and trending brews.

Keep in mind that Portlands craft beer landscape is always evolving so don't hesitate to ask locals for their recommendations while exploring the city.

If you're interested, in delving into the brewery scene you may want to check out some of these websites;

Breakside Brewing; Visit their website at https;//breakside.com/.

Cascade Brewing Barrel House; You can find information about them on their website http;//www.cascadebrewingbarrelhouse.com/.

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company; Get to know more about their offerings by visiting https;//hairofthedog.com/.

Upright Brewing; Learn about their brews and taproom experience at http;//www.uprightbrewing.com/.

Great Notion Brewing; Discover what they have on offer by visiting their website https;//greatnotion.com/.

Ecliptic Brewing; Find out more about this brewery and restaurant by checking out https;//eclipticbrewing.com/

Hopworks Urban Brewery; Explore what they have in store for beer enthusiasts at https;//www.hopworksbeer.com/

To dive deeper into the craft beer scene in Portland you can also refer to resources like "Portland Beer" or "The Oregonians beer guide." These sources provide up to date information on the craft beer ecosystem, in Portland.


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Where can I find the best craft beer in Portland?

Absolutely! Portland has a deserved reputation, for its craft beer scene with numerous breweries spread throughout the city each offering their own unique selection.

If you're looking to explore and discover some of the craft beers in Portland here are an additional recommendations;

  • **Gigantic Brewing Company**. This independent brewery may be small in size. Is known for its flavors and creatively designed bottle labels. They offer a rotating variety of beers that will surely pique your interest.
  • **Baerlic Brewing Co.**. With a commitment to the art of crafting beer Baerlic Brewing provides an atmosphere where you can enjoy their diverse selection of brews. From styles to ales they have something to satisfy every beer enthusiasts palate.
  • **Culmination Brewing**. Known for their brewing techniques Culmination Brewing has gained recognition for both their takes on classic styles as well as their cutting edge brews that push boundaries.
  • **Ex Novo Brewing Co.**. As a not for profit brewery Ex Novo combines the passion for crafting quality beer with community support by giving back through endeavors. Enjoy brews while also contributing to a cause.
  • **Modern Times Beer, Belmont Fermentorium**. This newer addition to Portlands beer scene hails from California. Has found its home, in Portland with an eccentric interior and an impressive lineup of inventive beers.

Here are some notable breweries, in Portland to explore;

  • Von Ebert Brewing. Known for their precision and expertise in a range of beer styles Von Ebert operates in both the Pearl District and East Portland consistently delivering brews.
  • The Commons Brewery. While this brewery has unfortunately closed its doors fans can still enjoy some of their beers through their collaboration with Modern Times at the Belmont Fermentorium.
  • Level Beer. Offering a blend of a family atmosphere and a passion for video game culture Level Beer is a great place to savor well crafted brews while indulging in nostalgia.

If you prefer an approach to discovering Portlands craft beer scene consider attending events like the Oregon Brewers Festival or planning your visit during PDX Beer Week.

For resources and information, about breweries worth exploring you can check out the following;