Where Can I Find Portland's Best Handmade Goods And Artisan Products?

Where can I find Portland's best handmade goods and artisan products?

Portland, Oregon is famous, for its thriving community of artisans and craftsmen. If you're in search of one of a kind crafted treasures there are fantastic options to explore throughout the city. Here's a handy guide to some of the spots in Portland where you can discover handmade creations;

Portland Saturday Market

This bustling outdoor market takes place every Saturday (. On Sundays from March to December) in the heart of Old Town/Chinatown. It's actually one of the operating markets of its kind in the entire United States! From jewelry and stylish clothing to captivating artwork and charming home decor you'll find a range of handmade goods here.

Crafty Wonderland

Located in downtown Portland this delightful store and craft market showcases an array of products made by local artists. Whether you're on the lookout for something simply want to support the creativity within your community Crafty Wonderland offers a year round opportunity to purchase handmade items.

Made Here PDX

With an emphasis on promoting made products Made Here PDX brings together a collection from various artists and makers across Portland. You'll discover everything from crafted home goods to stylish accessories and even skincare items – all proudly made right here in our city.

Tender Loving Empire

Combining both a record label and a retail store Tender Loving Empire curates a selection of goods crafted by talented artists and craftspeople based in Portland.

Beam & Anchor

Located in North Portland this store offers a curated collection of handcrafted furniture, home goods and personal accessories. Many of the products are made by artisans showcasing the citys creative scene.

Portland Flea + Food

This monthly market brings together vendors who offer a range of products, including handmade and vintage items. You can also enjoy street food and live music at this event providing a taste of Portlands culture and craftsmanship.

Local Farmers Markets

Besides being a place to buy produce Portlands neighborhood farmers markets also serve as gathering spots for artisans. At markets like the Portland Farmers Market at PSU on Saturdays you'll often find vendors selling crafts such as ceramics and textiles.


Many talented artisans, from Portland sell their creations online through Etsy. It's a platform to discover items made by local creators without having to leave your home.

To explore the variety of goods available and plan your visits accordingly make sure to visit the websites and social media accounts of these markets and stores. When you're exploring the scene in Portland it's important to keep in mind that some markets and street fairs may only be available, during specific seasons or have rotating vendors. It would be beneficial to check schedules in advance to plan your visit accordingly. For information and resources on Portlands scene you can refer to the following websites; Portland Saturday Market; You can find more information about the market at https://www.portlandsaturdaymarket.com/. Crafty Wonderland; To explore Crafty Wonderland visit their website at https://craftywonderland.com/. Made Here PDX; Find out more about Made PDX by visiting their website at https://madehereonline.com/. Tender Loving Empire; Discover Tender Loving Empire and their unique offerings by visiting https://tenderlovingempire.com/. Beam & Anchor; For information on Beam & Anchor you can visit their website at http://www.beamandanchor.com/. Portland Flea + Food; Explore the Portland Flea + Food market by visiting https://www.pdxflea.com/. Portland Farmers Market (PSU); Learn more about the Portland Farmers Market (PSU) by visiting https://www.portlandfarmersmarket.org/markets/. Etsy (Portland search); You can also browse Etsy for items, from Portland artisans by using this link; https://www.etsy.com/search?q=portland+oregon. By immersing yourself in Portlands artisan scene not will you discover one of a handcrafted products but you'll also contribute to the local economy and support the talented artists who infuse the city with their boundless creativity and passion.


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Where can I find Portland's best handmade goods and artisan products?


Portland, Oregon boasts an array of handcrafted goods and artisanal products. Here are a few additional places where you can explore the city's scene;

  • Union Way Shopping Arcade

    Tucked between Powells Books and the Ace Hotel, Union Way welcomes you with its stylish shopping arcade. Inside you'll discover curated boutiques specializing in handmade items such, as leather goods, stationery and fashionable apparel.

  • Boys Fort

    With its charm Boys Fort offers a selection of locally crafted products that cater to both men and home decor enthusiasts. Expect to find accessories with a twist that exudes rugged elegance.

  • ADX Portland

    While primarily known as a workspace for creators and designers ADX also features an area where you can find an impressive assortment of locally made furniture, lighting fixtures and other exceptional goods produced right on site by talented Portland artisans.

  • Monticello Antique Marketplace

    If you have an appreciation for the timeless allure of handcrafted treasures Monticello Antique Marketplace is the place to be. Housing over 100 dealers, under one roof this marketplace offers a collection of pieces from various eras alongside meticulously crafted handmade items.

  • Piedmont Station Food Carts

    Even though it may not be the spot, for handcrafted items this lively gathering of food carts often hosts local artists and temporary shops. It's an opportunity to enjoy homemade snacks from Portland while also doing some shopping.

  • Local Discoveries

    Situated in Northeast Portland this charming boutique specializes in one of a kind goods made by businesses based in Portland. You'll find an array of jewelry, art prints and beauty products.

  • The Real Mother Goose

    For than 45 years this gallery has been showcasing American crafts with an emphasis on handmade art forms. It's a destination for anyone seeking hand blown glass, ceramics or wooden crafts.

  • Collage

    A owned store that caters to the needs of artists and crafters with locations throughout Portland. They not provide supplies for your endeavors but also offer artisan made products that support the talented individuals in our community.

  • Portland Gear

    If you're searching for something that truly captures the essence of our city look no further, than Portland Gear. They offer a range of clothing and accessories adorned with symbols representing our beloved city – all designed and crafted by local talents.

To find out more, about these locations you can visit their websites. Check out their social media pages. This way you can plan your shopping trip. Discover the keepsake or gift that is made in Portland. Just remember to verify the operating hours as they may change throughout the year.