Where Can I Find Portland-made Products And Souvenirs?

Where can I find Portland-made products and souvenirs?

If you're, in Portland, Oregon you'll find options to discover and support crafted products and unique souvenirs that capture the citys vibrant creative spirit. Here's a helpful guide to some places worth exploring;

Portland Saturday Market

This open air market has been operating since 1974. Showcases a range of handcrafted goods made by talented local artisans. From April until Christmas Eve you can peruse a selection of art, jewelry, ceramics, clothing and home decor.

Location; 2 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon

Made In Oregon stores

With locations throughout the city including one at the Portland International Airport Made In Oregon stores offer a collection of gifts and souvenirs that are all proudly crafted within the state. Look out for Pendleton blankets, Oregon wines, delectable local foods and artisan crafts.

Locations; spots like Pioneer Place and PDX Airport

Crafty Wonderland

Situated in downtown Portland this store is a haven, for made arts and crafts enthusiasts. They also organize the anticipated Crafty Wonderland Art + Craft Market a year—a bustling event featuring countless local vendors.

Location; 808 SW 10th Ave, Portland OR

Tender Loving Empire

Discover an array of gifts, artwork and music, at Tender Loving Empire. This wonderful establishment proudly showcases the creations of artists and makers. Moreover it serves as a record label that provides support to musicians from our community.

Address; You can find Tender Loving Empire at locations, including Hawthorne Blvd and Portland Airport.

Powell’s City of Books

Powells City of Books is renowned for its collection of pre owned books. In addition to treasures Powells also offers an assortment of captivating Portland themed gifts, stickers and souvenirs. Don't miss the opportunity to explore books by authors as they make for keepsakes.

Address; 1005 W Burnside St, Portland, OR

Farmers Markets

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Portlands farmers markets; they are a haven for discovering fresh local produce, delectable foods and charming handmade crafts lovingly crafted by talented artisans from our region. Be sure to visit the one located at Portland State University!

Local Boutiques and Shops

Take a stroll through neighborhoods like Mississippi, Alberta and the Pearl District – you'll be captivated by an array of boutiques that showcase exquisite products created by talented designers and artists based right here in Portland.

Art Galleries

Embark on a journey through the captivating art scene in our city! Explore galleries scattered throughout areas such as the Pearl District or, along the Alberta Arts District. These artistic havens beautifully exhibit talent while offering opportunities to acquire artwork directly from the artists themselves.

When you're, on the lookout for the souvenir made in Portland don't forget to venture off the path. Some of the discoveries can be found in the citys small independent stores and seasonal markets.

Make sure to take a look at these resources for information;

Portland Saturday Market; You can find more details here.

Made In Oregon; Check out their offerings here.

Crafty Wonderland; Explore their creations here.

Tender Loving Empire; Discover their products here.

Powell’s City of Books; Dive into a world of literature at Powell’s City of Books.

Portland Farmers Market at PSU; Experience fresh. Local goods at Portland Farmers Market, at PSU.

Before heading out remember to check each locations hours and any special measures or restrictions related to COVID 19. Enjoy your shopping experience!


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Where can I find Portland-made products and souvenirs?

Famous Shopping Stores in Portland

  • Boys Fort

    A thoughtfully curated store that features an assortment of products handcrafted by artisans. You can discover everything from jewelry and accessories to one of a kind home decor pieces.
    • Location: 902 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR
  • Portland Gear

    If you're in search of mementos Portland Gear provides a selection of clothing items that celebrate the spirit of the city. From hats and t shirts to outerwear all designs pay tribute to Portlands vibe.
    • Location: 627 SW 19th Ave, Portland, OR
  • Little Otsu

    For those who appreciate paper goods Little Otsu specializes in illustrated books, journals and stationery – many of which are crafted in a manner right here, in Portland.
    • Location: 3225 SE Division St, Portland, OR
  • Beam & Anchor

    Located on the North Interstate Avenue this shop showcases an array of locally made items including furniture, home goods and accessories created by a talented collection of local artisans.

Interesting Places in Portland

  • Cargo

    This store in Southeast Portland is like a hidden gem, filled with items from over the world. They also have a collection of products made by artists and creators.
    • Address: 81 SE Yamhill St, Portland, OR
  • Union Way Shopping Arcade

    Located between Powells Books and Ace Hotel this shopping arcade is home to a variety of stores that showcase products made here in Portland.
    • Address: 1022 W Burnside St, Portland, OR
  • Nationale

    This place is not an art gallery. Also a shop where you can find beautiful artwork, books and even locally made beauty products. It's the spot if you're looking for gifts that represent the spirit of Portland.
    • Address: 15 SE 22nd Ave, Portland, OR
  • Adorn

    If you're into fashion and accessories Adorn is the place to be. They have a selection of clothing and accessories made in Portland well, as some popular independent and national brands.

I hope you enjoy exploring these spots in Portland!If you're looking for souvenirs made in Portland don't forget to explore the art walks and pop up shops happening across the city. One popular event is First Thursday, in the Pearl District, where talented artisans showcase their goods.

Here are some additional resources to check out:

Before heading out it's an idea to check or call ahead to get the latest store hours and any specific health and safety guidelines, in place. Enjoy exploring the shopping scene of Portland!