Where Can I Find Detailed Maps Of Portland's Bike Routes?

Where can I find detailed maps of Portland's bike routes?

If you're interested, in finding maps of the bike routes in Portland you're in luck! The city has a network of bike paths, lanes and routes that make cycling a safer option for both transportation and recreation. Here are some primary resources you can rely on to access these bike path maps;

1. City of Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Maps. PBOT offers a range of maps that cover aspects such as bike routes, district specific maps and detailed maps for specific areas. These resources provide up to date information on bike lanes, low traffic bike routes (also known as Neighborhood Greenways) off street paths and even connections with transit that are bicycle friendly.

2. Portland By Cycle Maps. These guides are designed specifically to assist cyclists in navigating through neighborhoods within Portland. They offer information about bike routes to ensure a smooth cycling experience.

3. Metro Bike There! Map. Metro, the government for the Portland area has published an inclusive 'Bike There!' map that is available for purchase. This map contains details about bike lanes, trails and suggested routes throughout the metropolitan area.

By utilizing these resources mentioned above you'll have access, to all the information needed to explore and enjoy Portlands biking infrastructure.

4. Ride with GPS. You can find a website called Ride with GPS that offers mapping tools and a collection of cycling routes contributed by users. They have filters to help you specifically search for bike paths and routes within Portland providing maps and information, on the terrain.

5. Strava and Komoot. If you're looking for third party apps designed for cyclists Strava and Komoot are options. These apps offer maps and route planning features. In Portland they have communities of cyclists who share their favorite biking corridors and trails which can be really insightful.

6. Portland. Recreation. The folks at Portland Parks & Recreation have put together maps of parks in the area that highlight trails and paths for cycling. These routes are perfect if you're looking for rides or scenic bike adventures.

For the up to date and detailed bike maps I suggest checking out the resources provided by the City of Portland specifically tailored for cyclists, like yourself in the area. It's always an idea to cross reference these resources when planning your route to ensure you have all the information you need.

Here are some helpful resources, for planning your bike routes in Portland;

  • You can check out the Bike There Map provided by Oregon Metro; link
  • Another option is to use Ride with GPS, a platform that offers Portland bike routes; link
  • Strava Route Planner is also a choice for planning bike routes in Portland; link
  • For route planning you can explore Komoot, which provides information and suggestions; link

Additionally it's essential to prioritize safety while biking. Always wear safety gear follow traffic laws and stay updated on any changes to bike paths or routes, for the most enjoyable biking experience.


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Where can I find detailed maps of Portland's bike routes?

Certainly! Portland Bike Resources

Portland is well known for its bike environment. There are several resources available to cyclists looking for detailed maps of the city's extensive bike routes:

  • Regional Travel Options (RTO) Maps: RTO in Portland offers maps that assist cyclists in navigating the city and its surrounding areas. While these maps cater to transportation modes, they also provide information about bike routes.
  • OpenCycleMap: This global map is specifically designed for cyclists. Includes details about Portland's bike lanes, cycle tracks, and bike paths. It relies on OpenStreetMap data and can be a tool for planning your cycling route within the city.
  • MapMyRide: A fitness-oriented website that features user-generated bike routes in and around Portland. You can search for routes based on your location and desired distance, and also read reviews from cyclists.
  • Biketown: As part of Portland's bike share program, Biketown provides maps highlighting the locations where you can pick up or drop off shared bikes. These maps come in handy if you're planning a combination trip involving both biking and public transportation.

If you're looking for bike routes in Portland, you have a variety of resources to choose from based on your needs. One option is to check out the neighborhood associations' websites or community boards, as they often provide customized maps highlighting preferred routes, bike repair stations, and interesting points along the way.

If you're into biking and prefer longer trails, TrailLink by Rails to Trails Conservancy is a great resource. They offer paths and trail maps, including those in the Portland area.

Don't underestimate the value of knowledge! Many bike shops in Portland not only carry maps, but also provide personalized advice on bike routes, traffic conditions, and scenic rides based on the latest updates in the city.

Each of these resources caters to needs – whether you're a commuter looking for the direct route to work, or a recreational rider seeking scenic paths or trail networks. Combining several of these resources can give you an overview of all the bike routes that Portland has to offer.

If you're looking for resources, here are some handy links:

  • Regional Travel Options (RTO) Maps: link
  • OpenCycleMap: link
  • MapMyRide Portland Bike Routes: link
  • Biketown Map: link
  • For neighborhood information, search for neighborhood associations in Portland.
  • TrailLink (Rails, to Trails): link

Happy biking! Before using any biking map in Portland, it's important to check for any updates or temporary route closures caused by construction or events. This will help ensure that your cycling experience is safe and enjoyable.