What's The Best Way To Get To Popular Tourist Attractions In Portland?

What's the best way to get to popular tourist attractions in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Transportation Guide

Portland, Oregon is renowned for its culture, beautiful parks and thriving food scene. It offers a range of transportation options to help tourists explore its attractions. Here's a handy guide, on how to navigate to some of the citys frequented sites;

1. Public Transit (TriMet)

TriMet provides bus, rail (MAX) and streetcar services that are budget friendly and cover most tourist destinations. You can easily use a Hop Fastpass or your contactless payment card/method.

MAX Light Rail

The MAX boasts five lines (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange) that serve attractions. For example the Red Line takes you to the Portland International Airport (PDX) as the Oregon Zoo. On the hand the Blue Line connects downtown with the side and Beaverton area—a stones throw away from Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

Portland Streetcar

This is particularly convenient for exploring places within the central city area such, as the Portland Art Museum, Powells City of Books and the Pearl District.

2. Bike Sharing

Portland has a bike share program called Biketown, where you can easily access a fleet of bicycles through an app or, at designated kiosks. It's perfect for leisurely trips to attractions and it adds a fun element to experiencing Portlands bike friendly reputation.

Walking; Many of the attractions in Portland are conveniently concentrated in areas that're pleasant and safe for pedestrians. You can enjoy strolling through the downtown area exploring the Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood or taking in the beauty of Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

Ride Hailing Services; When public transit is not readily available or if you're traveling with a group services like Uber and Lyft are there to provide door to door transportation options. Although they may be more expensive than transit they can be quite handy in certain situations.

Car Rental; If you plan on exploring attractions outside of the city such as the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls or Willamette Valley wine country renting a car could be your bet for convenience. However do keep in mind that parking, in downtown Portland can be both challenging and expensive.

Guided Tours; Joining a guided tour is a way to explore all the highlights of the city without worrying about navigation. It takes away any stress. Allows you to fully immerse yourself in everything Portland has to offer. Portland offers a range of tours, including culinary walks, historical tours and brewery crawls.

Option 7; Car Sharing If you're looking for the convenience of a car without committing to a full day rental Portland has car sharing services, like Car2Go and Zipcar available.

Option 8; Scooter Sharing For an enjoyable way to get around the city electric scooters provided by services like Bird and Lime are at your disposal. Simply use your smartphone to locate and rent them. Keep in mind that scooters are best for distances.

To assist with your planning websites like Google Maps and TriMets Trip Planner can be incredibly helpful in determining the route for your specific destination.

Here are some additional resources you can explore; TriMet; Visit their website at https;//trimet.org.

Biketown; For bike sharing options check out https;//www.biketownpdx.com.

Portland Streetcar; Learn more about the citys streetcar system at https;//portlandstreetcar.org.

Uber; Consider using Uber for transportation. Check out their offerings at https;//www.uber.com.

Lyft; Another reliable option is Lyft. Find out more on their website at https;//www.lyft.com.

Car2Go; Explore car sharing possibilities with Car2Go by visiting https;//www.car2go.com.

Zipcar; If you prefer Zipcars car sharing service head over to https;//www.zipcar.com.

Bird; For electric scooter sharing options check out Bird at https;//www.bird.co.

Lime; Lime also provides scooters for rent. Learn more at https;//www.li.me.

Keep in mind that the ideal mode of transportation may vary depending on factors such, as time of day traffic conditions and personal preferences regarding convenience, speed and cost.


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What's the best way to get to popular tourist attractions in Portland?

Discovering the Destinations of Portland

Discovering the destinations of Portland can be a joy when you choose the right mode of transportation. Let me present you with a guide, on how to reach the various must visit spots in the beautiful Rose City;

Electric Scooters

Escape from traffic congestion and effortlessly glide through Portlands streets by opting for electric scooters offered by reliable companies like Spin or Razor. This choice grants you the freedom to explore all of Portlands attractions at your pace while reveling in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Personal Bicycle

For those who prefer an approach why not bring your own bike or rent one from one of our local bike shops? Portland is known for its bicycle infrastructure boasting an abundance of bike lanes and trails throughout its charming landscape. Don't miss out on exploring areas like the Eastbank Esplanade via routes such as Springwater Corridor.


Immerse yourself in an environmentally friendly experience by hopping aboard a pedicab. These bicycle powered taxis offer an personalized way to witness sights particularly in downtown and along the waterfront areas. Companies such as Portland Pedicab are renowned for providing tours infused with their personal touch.

Carpooling Options

If you happen to be traveling with friends or family consider taking advantage of carpool features through apps like Waze Carpool.

Embrace any of these transportation options tailored to your preferences and embark on an exploration spree, across Portlands captivating landscapes.

Ways to Save Money and Reduce Impact

Here are some ways to save money and reduce your impact while exploring attractions, beyond the city center of Portland such as the Hoyt Arboretum or Council Crest Park.

  • Portland Aerial Tram; Take a ride on the Aerial Tram to enjoy views of Portland and reach the Marquam Hill neighborhood, where you'll find Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and nearby hiking trails. It's not just for commuters; tourists are also welcome.
  • Water Taxi; If you prefer a journey along the Willamette River consider using a water taxi service during its operation. This is a way to access attractions like the South Waterfront or the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).
  • Skateboarding; In Portland skateboarding is not an activity but also a viable mode of transportation. Keep in mind that this city boasts the worlds operating skatepark. Grab your skateboard. Explore attractions in areas known for their skate culture, such as Burnside.
  • Intercity Trains; To visit attractions located outside of Portland like wineries in the Willamette Valley or hiking spots near Mount Hood consider taking advantage of Amtraks train services for an enjoyable day trip.

These alternative transportation options provide experiences while allowing you to expand your exploration, beyond downtown Portland.

When planning your trips to Portland it's an idea to seek out local guides and transportation blogs. They can provide you with insights, on the ways to experience the city. Additionally make sure to visit Travel Portland, the visitors site for the up to date information on tourist attractions and local transportation updates.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful;

Always keep in mind the season when planning your transportation options as some may be affected by seasonal changes or weather conditions. It's also advisable to have a plan in case any unforeseen circumstances arise. Enjoy your adventure, in Portland!