What LGBTQ+ Events Or Pride Festivals Take Place In Portland?

What LGBTQ+ events or pride festivals take place in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Pride Events and Festivals

Portland Pride Parade

This is considered the LGBTQ+ event in the city occurring annually in June during National Pride Month. The festival offers a waterfront celebration with entertainment vendors showcasing their goods and a delectable array of food options. The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the parade, which showcases an array of floats, marching groups and community organizations.

Peacock in the Park

Held at Washington Parks amphitheater typically in June this live variety show has gained popularity for its family entertainment. Audiences can enjoy captivating music performances dazzling drag acts and impressive dance routines.

Red Dress Party

An annual fundraising extravaganza that unites everyone under one dress code; attendees are required to wear a dress of their gender identity. This unique party serves as a platform to raise funds for both national LGBTQ+ charities while also raising awareness about issues, within Portlands queer community.

Portland Queer Film Festival

The Portland Queer Film Festival has been running for, than twenty years usually taking place in the fall season. It showcases a range of feature films, documentaries and short films that explore the lives and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride Northwest

Pride Northwest organizes a series of film screenings throughout the year that highlight and celebrate LGBTQ+ lives and culture.


QDoc is an event held at the Hollywood Theatre. Is one of only two festivals in the world dedicated exclusively to LGBTQ+ documentaries.

Portland Black Pride

Portland Black Pride is an occasion dedicated to honoring and celebrating the American LGBTQ+ community in Portland. It offers a mix of workshops, discussions and joyful celebrations.

Portland Latinx Gay Pride

The Portland Latinx Gay Pride event. Celebrates the Latinx LGBTQ+ community through cultural performances, music and delicious food at an annual fiesta.

Portland Trans Pride

Each year Portland Trans Pride organizes a march. Rally to show support for the trans community while raising awareness about trans rights issues. These events not celebrate pride. Also serve as platforms, for advocacy.

Portland Dyke March

The Portland Dyke March is an event held during Pride weekend that aims to celebrate and honor lesbians and all individuals who identify as dykes, within the community. It is a grassroots gathering that provides opportunities for socializing, advocating and supporting the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Please note that specific event dates and details may vary each year and some events might be adapted to a format or postponed due to considerations of health.

For information about events in Portland you can explore the following resources;

  • Portland Pride Festival & Parade; Visit Portland Pride
  • Peacock in the Park; Learn more at Peacock in the Park
  • Red Dress Party; Find out more at Red Dress PDX
  • Portland Queer Film Festival; Discover films at Cinema 21 Queer Film Fest
  • QDoc. Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival; Explore documentaries at QDoc Film Fest
  • Portland Black Pride; Check out their activities on their website PDX Black Pride
  • Portland Latinx Gay Pride; Stay updated through their Facebook page Latino Gay Pride PDX
  • Portland Trans Pride; Please note that this list is not exhaustive. It provides a starting point for exploring LGBTQ+ related events, in the vibrant city of Portland. To keep yourself informed about event dates, opportunities, for participation and ways to support these community celebrations make sure to visit the websites or social media pages provided above for Greater Portland Trans Unity and the Portland Dyke March.

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What LGBTQ+ events or pride festivals take place in Portland?

Portland LGBTQ+ Events

  • Second Chance Prom

    This event organized by LGBTQ+ organizations provides adults with an opportunity to relive their prom experience in a setting whether they missed out on their prom or simply want to recreate the magic.
  • Drag Queen Brunch

    Venues across the city host these brunches that combine scrumptious food with captivating performances by talented local drag artists.
  • Gay Skate

    Oaks Park Roller Rink hosts this recurring event where members of the LGBTQ+ community along with their friends and family can enjoy a fun filled night of skating.
  • Portland Queer Comedy Festival

    Attracting comedians from, around the globe this festival celebrates queer comedy through performances held at venues across the city.
  • Unicorn Bike Ride

    ProudQueer.com organizes this event where participants dress up in costumes and ride their bikes through the city streets promoting visibility and bringing joy to the LGBTQ+ community in an active and entertaining way.
  • Pride Excursions, with OUT There Adventures

    OUT There Adventures is an organization that arranges hiking trips and outdoor activities for LGBTQ+ individuals of all ages emphasizing the connection with nature and building a sense of community.
  • Concerts by the Portland Gay Mens Chorus

    This chorus regularly puts on concerts that combine performances with a strong commitment to engaging with the community. Their repertoire includes a mix of contemporary pieces.
  • Screenings of Queer Horror Films

    The Hollywood Theatre occasionally hosts Queer Horror, a film festival held every two months that showcases LGBTQ+ themes within the horror genre. These screenings often feature drag performances adding a touch of excitement.
  • Intrigue; PDX Black Pride

    An event dedicated to expression, dancing and fostering a sense of community among Portlands Black LGBTQ+ members. It serves as a celebration of their contributions to the citys LGBTQ+ scene.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Clinton Street Theater

    Every week you can catch a screening of the cult film accompanied by live shadowcast performances at Clinton Street Theater in Portland. This tradition has become a part of the LGBTQ+ scene.

These events highlight Portlands dedication to creating captivating experiences, for both its LGBTQ+ residents and visitors. They provide spaces where individuals are encouraged to express themselves embrace their identity and revel in the diverse creativity found within this vibrant community. While these events usually happen a year or on a basis it's always a good idea to check for the most, up, to date information regarding scheduling and details. Dates and times may. New events might be added.