What Attractions Can I Visit For Free In Portland?

What attractions can I visit for free in Portland?

Portland, Oregon is famous, for its culture, stunning parks and wide range of attractions that cater to various interests. Here are some options for you to explore without spending a dime;

Forest Park

Known as one of the forests in the United States Forest Park offers numerous trails that meander through lush woodlands providing a perfect opportunity for hiking, running or birdwatching.

Portland Saturday Market

While technically not an attraction per se you can freely wander through the stalls of this nations operating open air arts and crafts market every Saturday from March to December.

International Rose Test Garden

Situated in Washington Park this historic garden holds the distinction of being the operated public rose test garden in America. Visitors can admire an array of roses while enjoying views of downtown Portland.

Powells City of Books

Spanning a city block Powells City of Books proudly claims the title as the worlds bookstore offering both new and used books. Exploring their collections doesn't cost a penny. Provides an immersive experience, in itself.

Here are some great places to explore in Portland;

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Take a stroll bike ride or simply unwind at this park by the Willamette River. You'll enjoy views of the city skyline.

Portland Art Museum

Normally there is an admission fee to enter the museum. However on the Thursday of every month from 5 PM, to 8 PM you can get in for free.

The Grotto

This Catholic shrine and botanical garden provide access to their gardens. It's a spot with sculptures and lush plant life where you can reflect and find solace.

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden

From November to February admission is free (a fee applies from March to October). Explore this garden featuring rhododendrons, azaleas and other lovely plants.

Alberta Arts District

Immerse yourself in the street art and public murals scattered throughout this neighborhood. The district always welcomes visitors for a browse. Its especially lively during Last Thursday street fairs.

Mount Tabor Park

Located on a volcanic cinder cone this park offers city views and ample space for picnicking playing around or taking walks. All year round, with no entry fee required.**St. Johns Bridge** is not just a way to cross the river; it's also an marvel that offers stunning views of the river and Forest Park when you walk across it.

Remember, although these attractions are free some may appreciate donations and there might be areas or services, within them that require fees, like exhibits or events.


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What attractions can I visit for free in Portland?

Attractions in Portland

  • **Oregon Rail Heritage Center**. Train enthusiasts and history aficionados will find delight in delving into the citys captivating railroad history, at this museum, where entry's completely free (although donations are warmly welcomed).
  • **Hoyt Arboretum**. Situated within Washington Park this living museum houses a collection of trees that can be explored through trails.
  • **Portland Farmers Market**. While purchasing crafted goods may incur expenses, the experience of strolling through the vibrant market held at different locations across the city comes at no cost.
  • **The Portland Building’s Public Art**. The iconic municipal building showcases captivating artworks like the Portlandia statue and others in its vicinity providing an infusion of culture.
  • **Eastbank Esplanade**. This pedestrian and bicycle path offers a perspective, on the city as it stretches across the Willamette River inviting you to enjoy a walk or bike ride without spending a penny.
  • **Portlands Public Fountains**. Explore the enchanting fountains, like Ira Keller Fountain Park and Jamison Square where you can have a time cooling off during those scorching summer days without spending a dime.
  • **Multnomah County Library**. Discover the Multnomah County Library, one of the public libraries in the country. It offers more than books; you can attend free events, workshops or simply admire its historic architecture.
  • **Leach Botanical Garden**. Immerse yourself in the serene. Lush Leach Botanical Garden located in Southeast Portland. Enjoy a visit without any admission fee (although donations are encouraged to support their upkeep).
  • **Mississippi Avenue**. Experience the eclectic atmosphere of Mississippi Avenue renowned for its cafes, bars and shops. Simply strolling around people watching and window shopping won't cost you anything. Will give you a taste of its ambiance.
  • **Lan Su Chinese Garden**. Delight in visiting the captivating Lan Su Chinese Garden on designated days when admission's free for everyone. Keep an eye on their calendar, for community sponsored events that offer entry.