What Are The Most Unique Or Quirky Festivals In Portland?

What are the most unique or quirky festivals in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Festivals

The Portland Rose Festival

The famous festival, in Portland this extravaganza spans several weeks and features parades, dragon boat races, thrilling carnival rides and the crowning of the esteemed Rose Festival Queen. While not conventionally quirky this festival truly embodies the essence of Portland.

For information; Portland Rose Festival

The PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

Each August Mt. Tabor Park in Portland transforms into a racetrack for crafted soapbox cars powered by effort. This offbeat competition prioritizes inventiveness and laughter much as speed uniting the community for a day filled with fun and engineering marvels.

Details; PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

The Portlandia Mermaid Parade

This event beautifully celebrates both Portlands sense of community and its deep connection to river life. Participants dress up as enchanting mermaids or other sea faring creatures joyfully parading through the city streets in an body positive procession that concludes with a splash, into the Willamette River.

Interesting events in Portland

  • The Portlandia Mermaid Parade; You can find details, about this parade at pdxmermaidparade.com.
  • The World Naked Bike Ride; Portland hosts one of the events as part of the World Naked Bike Ride. It involves thousands of cyclists riding through the streets with clothing to promote cycling, body positivity and protest our reliance on oil. To learn more visit pdxwnbr.org.
  • Festival of Flowers at Pioneer Courthouse Square; Every June a remarkable work of art is created using over 20,000 flowers and plant materials at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The design changes each year. Remains on display for a weeks for the public to enjoy. Find information at thesquarepdx.org/festival of flowers.
  • The UFO Festival in McMinnville; outside Portland in McMinnville there's a festival dedicated to unidentified flying objects (UFOs). This quirky event includes a costume parade, guest speakers who're experts in the field and various fun activities that celebrate encounters. Especially notable due to a famous UFO sighting that occurred in the area back in 1950. Explore more, about this festival at ufofest.com.

Cider Summit Portland is an event that brings together cider producers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It's a chance to enjoy cider samples in a laid back outdoor setting, which perfectly reflects Portlands culture of craft brewing and fermenting.

For information, about Cider Summit Portland you can visit their website at Cider Summit Portland.

Remember to double check the dates and details of each festival since they might vary from year to year. Whether you're into soapbox racing donning a mermaid costume or simply embracing the quirks of Portland these festivals guarantee an unforgettable experience during your time, in the city.

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What are the most unique or quirky festivals in Portland?

Portland Festivals

  • The Tiny House Living Festival – Embodying Portland's spirit of minimalism and eco consciousness this festival showcases tours of houses van conversions and school bus homes affectionately known as "skoolies." It serves as a celebration of living and inventive housing solutions.
  • The Tuba Christmas Concert – A Portland affair this joyous spectacle gathers hundreds of tuba players to perform melodies. Crowds gather to revel in the brass harmonies filling the wintry air at Pioneer Courthouse Square—lovingly referred to by locals as "Portland's living room."
  • The Portland Queer Film Festival – Taking place at the Cinema 21 this film festival illuminates LGBTQ+ lives and narratives. Showcasing cinema it puts Portland's culture front and center as it celebrates queer artistry and artists.
  • The Portland Winter Light Festival is an event that brings a glow, to the city showcasing innovative light installations and captivating performances that blend art, design and technology. What sets this festival apart is its Portland twist.
  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting Pickathon Music Festival held at Pendarvis Farm. This eco friendly festival not offers a lineup of musical acts but also prioritizes sustainability. With both artists and emerging talents this festival creates an atmosphere unlike any other music event.
  • Experience the jazz scene of Portland at the Montavilla Jazz Festival, a neighborhood celebration that spotlights musicians and showcases contemporary jazz works. This festival perfectly captures the spirit of Portland's music culture.
  • Get ready to embrace your undead side at the Zombie Walk, where participants don their zombie costumes and roam through the city streets in playful homage to the horror genre. It's an event that allows Portlanders to come together and revel in communal fun.
  • Join thousands of readers and writers at the Portland Book Festival (formerly known as Wordstock) a celebration of literature. This festival is a haven, for book lovers offering captivating discussions and opportunities to connect with enthusiasts. Don't miss out on workshops, author readings and panel discussions if you're a literature enthusiast who wants to immerse themselves in the world of books and writing.
  • Willamette Valley Piecemakers Quilt Show – This show beautifully showcases quilts with a range of patterns, from traditional to avant garde. It's a reflection of Portland's preferences when it comes to craft and design.
  • Filmed by Bike Film Festival – Prepare yourself for a festival that presents films from all over the world all centered around the theme of biking. With its bike streets and vibrant cycling culture this event pays homage to Portland's love for bicycles while providing inspiration for all.