What Are The Best Times Of Year To Experience Festivals In Portland?

What are the best times of year to experience festivals in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Festivals

Spring (May June)

As late spring arrives Portland embraces temperatures and begins its festival season with great enthusiasm. One of the city's cherished traditions is the Portland Rose Festival, which typically commences in May and extends into June. This beloved event offers an array of parades, fireworks displays, a lively carnival atmosphere and the crowning of the Rose Festival Queen.

Summer (July August)

The summer months truly shine with an abundance of captivating festivals. The Waterfront Blues Festival takes stage in July as it showcases a celebration of blues music, on the West Coast. Other noteworthy events include the Oregon Brewers Festival—a cherished craft beer festival that has stood the test of time—and the anticipated Portland International Beerfest.

Fall (September)

As fall approaches the number of festivals may start to decrease. However September still offers opportunities to enjoy some late summer events. One notable event is the Portland Film Festival, where you can experience the best of films from around the world. Additionally don't miss out on Art In The Pearl, an art festival held in the Pearl District over Labor Day weekend.

Winter (December February)

Although winter isn't typically associated with festival season there are still an events braving the cooler temperatures for. Take February's Portland Winter Light Festival for instance. This festival illuminates the city with captivating light installations that bring a touch of warmth to the winter darkness.

Keep in mind that festival dates can vary each year and some events may be modified or canceled due to concerns, about health and safety. It's always advisable to check the event schedules and confirmations before making your visit.

These resources contain information, about the dates, lineups of events ticketing details, locations and any COVID 19 regulations that may impact the festivals.


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What are the best times of year to experience festivals in Portland?

Portlands Festive Seasons

Spring (March April):

  • Portland Saturday Market - March until Christmas Eve

Early Summer (June July):

  • Portland Pride Festival and Parade - June
  • Portland International Beerfest - June or early July

Late Summer (August September):

  • PDX Pop Now! festival
  • Bite of Oregon festival

Fall (October November):

  • Portland Film Festival
  • West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Winter (December January):

  • Festival of Trees
  • Christmas Ship Parade
  • Portlands First Run event on New Years Eve

Considering that event plans can evolve due to factors, including changing health guidelines it is advisable to check for up, to date information before making any travel arrangements. Portlands festivals are not occasions; they represent glimpses into the citys essence by showcasing its artistry, diversity, seasonal charm and culinary delights. If you're, from just visiting these events in Portland have a little something, for everyone all infused with that unique and diverse Portland atmosphere.