What Are The Best Places To Buy Local Art In Portland?

What are the best places to buy local art in Portland?

Portland, Oregon is a city that has gained recognition for its vibrant arts scene and strong support, for artists. If you're interested in acquiring created art in Portland there are a number of places where you can discover a diverse range of artistic works, including paintings, sculptures, jewelry and handcrafted crafts. Here are some top venues and locations to consider;

  • **Portland Saturday Market**; Renowned as the operating open air arts and crafts market in the country the Portland Saturday Market is a true haven for enthusiasts of local art. Situated in the Old Town/Chinatown district it welcomes visitors on weekends from March until Christmas.
  • **Pearl District Galleries**; The Pearl District is well known for its collection of art galleries that prominently feature regional artists. Every month on First Thursday these galleries such as Elizabeth Leach Gallery and PDX Contemporary Art open their doors for viewings.
  • **Alberta Arts District**; The lively Northeast Alberta Street hosts Thursday—a monthly street fair that showcases local artisans, performers and residents alike. Along Alberta Street you'll find galleries and shops, like Guardino Gallery and Alberta Street Gallery where regional artworks are prominently displayed.
  • **Crafty Wonderland**; Renowned, for their craft markets Crafty Wonderland operates a retail store in downtown Portland where you can discover and purchase a delightful selection of handmade goods crafted by local artisans. Not do they organize two sales events annually but their store also offers a year round opportunity to explore and support the thriving local craft scene.
  • **Radius Art Studio**; If you have an appreciation for ceramics Radius Art Studio is a haven that provides a welcoming community and exhibition space exclusively dedicated to artists specializing in this captivating medium. It's a destination for those seeking one of a kind pottery and exquisite ceramic pieces that reflect the talents of Portlands creative minds.
  • **Local Art & Craft Fairs**; Throughout the year Portland buzzes with excitement as it plays host to an array of fairs celebrating artistry. From the Multnomah Arts Center Artisans Sale to the Winter Craft Fair held at Sunnyside Environmental School these vibrant events offer extraordinary opportunities to directly support and acquire exceptional artworks from talented artists residing within our community.
  • **Bridge City Mercantile**; Step into Bridge City Mercantile, a treasure trove brimming with Portland made goods that showcase the talent of our artists. With its thoughtfully curated collection of artwork and crafts this exceptional shop invites you to immerse yourself in the essence of our citys spirit.
  • **Boys Fort**; Prepare to embark on a journey through Boys Fort – a retail space reminiscent of a grown up fort adorned with handcrafted wonders created by Portland makers themselves. Discover a captivating assortment of made art, furniture and gifts that embody the flair unique, to our thriving creative community.

The Portland Art Museum is primarily a place to appreciate and admire artwork. However it also has a store where you can find a variety of artwork and crafts created by artists. In addition, to visiting the museum there are two events that take place in Portland each month; First. Last Thursdays. During these events, galleries and art spaces over the city open their doors to the public showcasing exhibits and offering artworks for sale.

If you're interested in purchasing art it's worth noting that these events provide opportunities to explore venues. To learn more about them or find information, about events you can visit the respective websites or event pages of the following places;

  • Portland Saturday Market; [https://www.portlandsaturdaymarket.com/](https;//www.portlandsaturdaymarket.com/)
  • Pearl District First Thursday; [https://explorethepearl.com/first thursday in the pearl/](https;//explorethepearl.com/first thursday in the pearl/)
  • Alberta Arts District Thursday; [https://albertamainst.org/whats happening/last thursday/](https;//albertamainst.org/whats happening/last thursday/)
  • Crafty Wonderland; [https://craftywonderland.com/](https;//craftywonderland.com/)
  • Radius Art Studio; [https://radiusstudio.org/](https;//radiusstudio.org/)
  • Portland Art Museum Store; [https://portlandartmuseum.org/store/](https;//portlandartmuseum.org/store/)

By exploring these locations and participating in these events not will you have the opportunity to discover and buy local art but you'll also be supporting Portlands vibrant creative community along the way.


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What are the best places to buy local art in Portland?

Special Art Venues in Portland

  • Tender Loving Empire; Beyond being a record label Tender Loving Empire is a one of a kind store that showcases handcrafted goods, including art pieces created by talented artists from Portland. They have locations, throughout the city each offering a treasure trove of creativity.
  • Redux Boutique and Gallery; Situated in the East Burnside neighborhood this establishment combines art with fashion and jewelry designed by Portlands individuals. The boutique has a focus on using eco upcycled materials.
  • Eutectic Gallery; Known for its dedication, to arts this gallery is located in the Kerns neighborhood. Eutectic Gallery represents both established and emerging local ceramicists showcasing an array of works.
  • Pushdot Studio; Located in the Southeast Industrial Arts District this studio specializes in art prints and also houses a gallery space. They feature photography and created artwork by artists celebrating the versatility of the digital medium.
  • Floating World Comics; Floating World Comics is a haven, for art and comic lovers offering a collection of comics, prints and zines created by the talented graphic artists in Portlands vibrant community.
  • Artists Repertory Theatre; Artists Repertory Theatre not showcases captivating performances but also features the artistic endeavors of local talents through Ambition/Heart, their visual arts program. You can explore the works of these artists in the theatres lobbies.
  • Made Here PDX; With its tagline "Everything made right here" Made Here PDX is a store that proudly presents a curated selection of products crafted by Portlanders themselves. From art pieces to handcrafted items you'll find something that perfectly captures the essence of Portland culture to take home with you.
  • Portland Flea + Food; Bridging goods and community spirit Portland Flea + Food holds a market where artisans from the area come together to showcase their finest creations. This event typically takes place on the Sunday of each month. Offers an array of exquisite artwork, alongside other locally produced treasures.
  • Upfor Gallery; Located in Portlands Pearl District Upfor Gallery is an exhibition space that spotlights digital and new media art. It serves as an intersection where technology meets the creativity found within Portlands art scene.
  • Blue Sky Gallery; Blue Sky Gallery is a venue, for photography in Oregon. It showcases the captivating work of photographers offering a glimpse into the region through their lenses.

When you're on the lookout for art in Portland don't forget to explore the citys coffee shops, restaurants and small businesses. Many of these places host rotating exhibits featuring artworks by talents. It's not only a way to experience Portlands aesthetic but also provides an unconventional avenue, for purchasing locally created art.