What Are The Best Places For A Romantic Dinner In Portland?

What are the best places for a romantic dinner in Portland?

When it comes to finding a place for a dinner, in Portland, OR you'll be spoiled for choice with its vibrant food scene. Here are some top recommendations;

1. Le Pigeon

This cozy French inspired restaurant is the epitome of romance offering a changing menu filled with delicious dishes. It's advisable to book your table in advance since this intimate spot tends to fill up.

2. Coquine

Located in the Mount Tabor neighborhood this delightful bistro provides a farm to table dining experience. If you appreciate evenings accompanied by crafted seasonal menus Coquine is the perfect choice.

3. Castagna Restaurant

For a journey don't miss Castagna. This upscale establishment offers a tasting menu that showcases the finest ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Its guaranteed to create memories for your outing.

4. Canard

As a sister restaurant to Le Pigeon Canard maintains its charm. With a relaxed atmosphere. It's an option, for couples seeking a laid back sophisticated dining experience as their menu combines comfort food with a touch of elegance.

5. Ox Restaurant

With its emphasis, on the flavors of Argentina Ox presents a variety of grilled meats and vibrant accompanying dishes. The warm and inviting ambiance, complete with a kitchen and a wood fired grill adds to the experience.

6. Nodoguro

For an one of a kind dining adventure Nodoguro offers a Japanese tasting menu that showcases top quality fish and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is renowned for its creations served in an intimate setting.

7. Mucca Osteria

This charming Italian osteria provides an mouthwatering experience with its Italian cuisine served in a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The meticulous attention to detail and the presence of dishes make it an ideal destination for an evening.

8. Ava Genes

If you are craving cuisine Ava Genes is another option to consider. Specializing in dishes inspired by traditions and offering a selection of wines this restaurant provides both a romantic ambiance and lively energy.

9. Departure

Perched, atop The Nines hotel Departure offers a dining experience with a design that perfectly complements its pan Asian cuisine offerings. Enjoy views of the city while savoring the flavors on offer; especially enchanting when night falls, illuminating the cityscape.

For the dining experience it is highly recommended to make reservations, in advance especially if you plan to visit on a weekend or during a holiday. Additionally it's always an idea to check the reviews and visit the restaurants official website for up, to date menu offerings and any special events that can add charm to your romantic dinner.

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What are the best places for a romantic dinner in Portland?

Romantic Dining Options in Portland

  • The Hairy Lobster; This beloved spot in the Pearl District provides an atmosphere where you can enjoy shared plates of flavorful dishes.
  • Urban Farmer; Located in the Nines Hotel, Urban Farmer reimagines the steakhouse by prioritizing locally sourced and organic ingredients. The ambiance seamlessly blends charm with urban decor creating a unique setting for a romantic meal.
  • Nostrana; Known for its inviting ambiance this Italian restaurant is celebrated for its classics and delectable wood fired pizzas. A candlelit dinner accompanied by a curated wine list sets the stage for a night out.
  • Veritable Quandary; A Portland institution this enchanting restaurant boasts a garden patio and rustic allure providing a backdrop for a romantic dinner. Indulge, in cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients.
  • Portland City Grill; Perched atop one of Portlands buildings this establishment offers panoramic views of the city while you dine.

The restaurant selection, in Portland offers an array of options for a date. Here are some recommendations;

  • Beast. If you and your partner are passionate about food Beast is the choice. They offer a course prix fixe menu where you can enjoy your meal in a communal dining setting. It's an intimate experience as you get to witness the chefs preparing your dishes.
  • Meriwethers Restaurant. Located in a building with a beautiful garden Meriwethers serves Pacific Northwest cuisine using ingredients sourced from their own Skyline Farm. The cozy atmosphere sets the stage for a delightful date.
  • Rot. Not does Noble Rot boast an impressive wine list but it also offers breathtaking views of the Portland skyline. Their focus is on local ingredients ensuring flavors in every dish. Additionally their rooftop garden emphasizes their commitment to quality fare.
  • Ringside Steakhouse. For those who appreciate the steakhouse experience Ringside Steakhouse delivers with its ambiance and top quality steaks. They are renowned for their onion rings well making it a memorable and romantic setting, for couples.

Choose any of these restaurants to impress your partner on your night. When you're planning a night out at any of these places it's an idea to check their dress code and overall atmosphere to ensure it matches the vibe you're going for. Additionally make sure to confirm their opening hours and reservation policies as they may vary depending on the season or any special events.

For your reference here are some resources;

  • The Hairy Lobster; You can find information, about The Hairy Lobster here.
  • Urban Farmer; If you're interested in Urban Farmer Portland you can visit their website here.
  • Nostrana; Find out more about Nostrana here.
  • Veritable Quandary; Unfortunately Veritable Quandary has permanently closed.
  • Portland City Grill; Check out the details of Portland City Grill here.
  • Beast; Please verify the status of Beast PDX as the restaurant was undergoing changes before COVID 19. You can visit their website here.
  • Meriwethers Restaurant; Meriwethers Restaurant has permanently. Has reopened as Kingsland Kitchen. More information can be found on their website here.
  • Noble Rot; Learn more, about Noble Rot by visiting their website here.
  • Ringside Steakhouse; Discover all there is to know about Ringside Steakhouse by visiting their website here.

The people of Portland take pride in their dining scene; however it's important to stay updated on the current operational status of these establishments especially considering the ever changing circumstances brought about by seasonal and operational factors.