What Are The Best Health Food Stores In Portland?

What are the best health food stores in Portland?

Portland Health Food Stores

New Seasons Market

A beloved local establishment with branches across Portland, New Seasons is renowned for its dedication to supporting farmers and offering a wide array of organic produce, responsibly sourced meats and seafood, as well as an extensive range of bulk items. Additionally they boast a prepared foods section with healthy choices.

Whole Foods Market

With locations throughout Portland, Whole Foods is a prominent national health food chain that stocks a comprehensive variety of natural and organic foods. They also provide an assortment of specialty vegan and free products.

Peoples Food Co op

Situated, on SE 21st Avenue Peoples Food Co op stands out as a community owned natural foods store that hosts a farmers market every Wednesday throughout the year. Their primary focus lies in offering sourced and organic options within a welcoming operative environment.

Food Fight! Grocery

Located in the Buckman neighborhood, Food Fight! Grocery holds the distinction of being Portland's all vegan grocery store.


  • Green Zebra Grocery; It's a chain that focuses on providing healthy plant based and cruelty free food options. They have locations in Portland. Offer a great selection of fresh produce, bulk items and snacks.

  • Alberta Cooperative Grocery; This community-owned grocery store is located in the Alberta Arts District. They prioritize local products. They are committed to sustainable practices and community involvement.

  • Grocers; If you're looking for quality organic products, this health food chain is worth checking out. They also provide health coaches and organize educational events to support your wellness journey.

  • Chucks Produce & Street Market; While not in Portland itself but located nearby in Vancouver, WA, Chucks is worth mentioning due to its range of fresh produce, bulk foods, and natural groceries at competitive prices.

When deciding on a health food store consider what matters most to you—whether it's produce, reducing packaging waste with items, or finding specialty products for specific diets. It's also valuable to support businesses that contribute positively to the Portland community.

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What are the best health food stores in Portland?

Portland Health Food Stores

Portland is a destination, for health individuals and its health food stores truly capture the citys dedication to high quality, sustainable and nutritious food. Exploring some known but equally fantastic health food havens offers a glimpse into Portlands food scene. Here are a few additional health food stores highly regarded by the community;

Sheridan Fruit Company

Known for its produce, Sheridan also offers a selection of health focused foods, including organic choices, whole grains and a bulk section. Their in-house butcher shop even features grass fed options.

Krugers Farm Market

Situated in the heart of Portland, this farm stand presents locally sourced produce that includes varieties. They also host events and provide a u-pick berry field during the delightful summer months.

Know Thy Food Cooperative

A member-owned co-op that boasts of a range of locally sourced food items. Even non-members can enjoy shopping there while soaking up the community atmosphere.

Additional Health Food Resources

  • Fubonn Supermarket. This supermarket specializes in groceries, offering a wide range of nutritious food options, including fresh tofu, various types of mushrooms and organic plant-based staples.
  • The Meadow. A unique store famous for its selection of gourmet salts, chocolates and bitters. Additionally, they curate a collection of quality foods that cater to health-conscious individuals with refined tastes.
  • Portland Farmers Market. Although not your store, the Portland Farmers Market is a must visit for those in search of produce and locally sourced organic goods. It operates at locations throughout the city and also features artisanal health foods from local producers.
  • Proper Eats. Situated in the St. Johns neighborhood, this market and café prioritize sustainable and organic foods. It's a place to enjoy a meal while browsing their selection.
  • Cherry Sprout Produce Market. A neighborhood grocery store located in North Portland that focuses on offering organic produce and bulk goods. They actively support small-scale farmers while providing choices to their customers.

These stores all contribute to the health food scene in Portland by offering high quality food choices. It's important to consider not only the range of products they provide but also their dedication to the community and sustainable practices.

For information on these stores you can visit the websites;

If you're dedicated to a vegetarian lifestyle require products, aim to lessen your carbon footprint, or simply have a passion for delicious and nutritious food, these extra resources will assist you in discovering the wide range of options available in Portland's health food scene.