What Are Some Sustainable Fashion Outlets Or Stores In Portland?

What are some sustainable fashion outlets or stores in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Sustainable Fashion Outlets

EcoVibe Apparel

At EcoVibe Apparel their focus lies in offering produced apparel and accessories that are sustainable. You'll discover an array of products crafted from materials like modal, tencel and recycled fabric.


Reformation is a known brand that boasts a store right here in Portland. They are renowned for their dresses. Unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Their clothes are created with water usage and carbon footprint compared to conventional fashion.

Buffalo Exchange

While primarily known as a secondhand shop Buffalo Exchange actively promotes clothing recycling as part of their practices. Here shoppers can buy, sell or trade their garments—a way to contribute to the economy within the fashion industry.


Garnish is a store situated conveniently in Portland that specializes in made clothing straight from their own, on site studio. They prioritize quality materials and timeless designs that are built to withstand the test of time.


NAU, pronounced "now " is a brand that specializes in lifestyle apparel crafted from materials. They prioritize the use of organic materials well as sustainable design practices.


Looptworks takes an approach by salvaging materials that would otherwise go to waste and transforms them into high quality bags and accessories. Their commitment, to using existing resources helps reduce impact.

Tender Loving Empire

Tender Loving Empire is a store known for its goods and curated selection of apparel, from local designers. They focus on small batch production methods, which contribute to sustainability efforts.


Wildfang embraces womens empowerment as its core value while offering a range of tomboy style clothing sourced sustainably.


Adorn is a boutique that curates pieces from independent designers who produce garments in sustainable batches.

These stores not sell products but they also contribute to the eco conscious community by practicing recycling, advocating for fair labor conditions and reducing the fashion industrys impact, on the environment.

If you're interested you can visit these stores directly. Check out their platforms to find out more, about their current collections and sustainable initiatives.


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What are some sustainable fashion outlets or stores in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Fashion Destinations

  • Seven Sisters. This boutique is an advocate for brands and sustainable materials offering a range of eco friendly labels that prioritize minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Altar. Renowned for its dedication to sustainability Altar specializes in clothing crafted from recycled fabrics. They actively support artists. Prioritize US made products to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Consignment Stores. Portland boasts stores like Crossroads Trading, where you can discover pre loved fashion items that promote a culture of reusing and recycling garments.
  • Solestruck. This footwear store showcases shoes from brands known for their practices and use of vegan materials.
  • Amelia. A boutique that thoughtfully curates garments from designers with a focus, on quality, sustainability and ethical production practices.
  • Pioneer Renewer. Although not a store this local initiative centers around. Repairing clothing to breathe new life into garments while reducing waste.
  • RocknSocks. RocknSocks specializes in socks. What sets them apart is their commitment to eco fashion. They use recycled cotton to create their sustainable items making an impact, on the fashion scene in Portland.
  • North of West. A design focused mercantile that not creates its clothing line but also prioritizes sustainability. Their collection features garments made from cotton and Tencel demonstrating their dedication to friendly materials.
  • Folly. Folly is a neighborhood boutique that beautifully combines style with sustainability. They showcase clothes made with fabrics and practices ensuring that fashion conscious individuals can make choices without compromising on style.
  • Union Rose. Supporting the economy while reducing carbon footprint is the mission of Union Rose boutique. They are dedicated to carrying made products and sustainable lines promoting a sense of community and environmental responsibility.

These stores exemplify Portland's commitment to sustainability within its fashion scene. Through consignment sourced goods and organic materials, these outlets embody a culture that is both fashionable and environmentally conscious. All the mentioned stores, in Portland's fashion scene have their distinctive qualities providing a wide range of options from everyday clothing to unique specialty items. These eco-conscious spots in Portland offer residents and visitors alike the opportunity to support initiatives and embrace fashion choices.