What Are Some Hidden Gem Restaurants In Portland?

What are some hidden gem restaurants in Portland?

Portland, Oregon is famous, for its thriving food scene, which showcases a range of experiences that reflect the citys rich cultural tapestry and appreciation for locally sourced ingredients. While there are known dining establishments in the area Portland also boasts a handful of hidden gems that remain relatively undiscovered. Below you'll find a selection of these known spots that offer cuisine and an ambiance like no other;

  • Han Oak. This reservation gem is tucked away behind a door in a charming courtyard. Han Oak specializes in Korean inspired dishes. Their menu is constantly evolving, ensuring creative family style meals.
  • Coquine. Nestled within the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, Coquine exudes. Is renowned for its focus on fare. The restaurant prides itself on utilizing ingredients, many of which are sourced from their own garden.
  • Kayos Ramen Bar. Situated in North Portland this cozy establishment serves up inventive ramen bowls featuring crafted house made noodles and broths. It's the spot, for anyone seeking Japanese comfort food.
  • Mae is a treasure that offers Southern inspired cuisine. It is famous, for its fixed family style dinners showcasing the finest flavors of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Craving pizza? Lovelys Fifty Fifty is your go to place. They serve some of the wood fired pizzas in town and their seasonal homemade ice creams are simply delightful. You'll find this restaurant tucked away on Mississippi Avenue, a little off the beaten path.
  • Langbaan provides an dining experience with its secret location, behind PaaDee restaurant aptly named "back of the house" in Thai. Every month they offer a changing multi course Thai tasting menu that will leave you wanting more.
  • Tusk takes inspiration from cuisine and presents vibrant dishes that are beautifully plated like works of art. The restaurant itself boasts an bright decor creating an ambiance that perfectly complements the food.
  • Looking for something ? Expatriate is an establishment known for its cocktails and thoughtfully crafted menu featuring Asian inspired dishes. These are some options, in Portland for a date night or a late night snack.
  • Guilder Café. During the day Guilder Café operates as a café. At night it transforms into a lively bar. They offer a selection of dishes that are carefully prepared with attention to detail. It's a place for anyone looking to have an enjoyable meal.
  • Ox Restaurant. While not exactly hidden Ox Restaurant is like discovering a gem due, to its Argentinian style menu focused on delicious meat dishes. The atmosphere is exclusive and intimate creating an dining experience.

Keep in mind that Portlands culinary scene is always changing, so its worth keeping an eye out for exciting establishments popping up throughout the city. Before you visit any of these places make sure to check their hours and reservation policies as they may vary.

Here are some recommended places to check out in Portland;

You can find information, about Mae on their website; https;//www.maepdx.com

Lovelys Fifty Fifty has an Instagram page you can visit; https;//www.instagram.com/lovelysfiftyfifty/

Langbaan also has a website with details; http;//www.langbaanpdx.com

To learn more about Tusk visit their website at http;//tuskpdx.com

If you're curious about Expatriate you can find reviews on their Yelp page; https;//www.yelp.com/biz/expatriate portland

Guilder has its website too; https;//www.guildercafe.com

Lastly for information, about Ox Restaurant check out their website at http;//oxpdx.com

These spots offer a variety of dining experiences that you might enjoy while visiting Portland.


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What are some hidden gem restaurants in Portland?

Portland Food Scene

  • Sweedeedee

    This charming and cozy café is known for their pies, sandwiches and hearty breakfast options. It has a charm that makes it the perfect place to enjoy a brunch.

  • Ataula

    Tucked away in a location Ataula offers yet innovative Spanish tapas and dishes that will transport you straight to Barcelona. Don't miss their paellas and sangrias.

  • Ps & Qs Market

    Combining the best of a deli and a neighborhood grocer Ps & Qs is a laid back spot where you can indulge in sandwiches salads and daily specials made with local ingredients.

  • Le Pigeon

    Although it has gained some recognition Le Pigeon remains a gem thanks, to its cozy atmosphere and French inspired cuisine. Their adventurous menu constantly changes, ensuring every visit is impressive.

  • Aviary

    With its fusion of flavors and French techniques Aviary stands out for its originality and artistic presentation of dishes.

  • Gado Gado

    This restaurant specializes in cuisine with a twist. It has gained a following due to its flavorful dishes that are perfect for sharing.

  • Eem

    Combining Thai food and BBQ might seem unusual. Eem manages to blend these flavors well. The innovative combinations of tastes and the creative cocktails make it truly stand out.

  • Bushel and Peck Bakeshop

    A charming bakery that surprises visitors with its range of breads, pastries and sandwiches. It's a spot for a lunch or a delightful mid day treat.

  • Nicholas Restaurant

    Known for its mouthwatering cuisine Nicholas is a family owned restaurant that has been serving the people of Portland for many decades with consistent quality and amazing flavors even though it may not have received as much attention as some others.

  • Kachka

    Offering cuisine this exciting establishment takes you on a journey, through the former Soviet Union with its selection of traditional dishes accompanied by an extensive vodka menu.

Each of these places contributes to the tapestry of Portland's food scene offering not only delicious meals but also creating unique atmospheres that enhance the overall dining experience.

Make sure to double check the operating hours and availability of restaurants, in Portland as the dining scene there is known to be influenced by changes and evolving trends.