What Are Some Good Fishing Spots In Or Around Portland?

What are some good fishing spots in or around Portland?

Portland, Oregon Fishing Spots

Willamette River

Flowing through the heart of downtown Portland the Willamette River provides fishing prospects for species such as spring Chinook salmon, steelhead and even sturgeon. Whether you prefer casting your line from the riverbank or venturing out on a boat for waters this spot won't disappoint.

Columbia River

North of Portland lies the mighty Columbia River renowned for its salmon runs including steelhead and walleye. For an experience consider exploring areas like Kelley Point Park where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers converge.

Clackamas River

A short drive away from Portland awaits the Clackamas River boasting runs of winter and summer steelhead well as spring Chinook and coho salmon. Additionally certain stretches of this river provide opportunities for trout fishing.

Sandy River

The Sandy River has earned a reputation among anglers due to its year round fishing possibilities ranging from winter, to spring Chinook and coho salmon. If you follow Highway 26 east out of Portland you'll find access points along the river.

Henry Hagg Lake

Located about a 40 minute drive, from Portland Hagg Lake is a place for families to enjoy fishing. Its stocked with rainbow trout. Also has bass, crappie and perch. The lake offers a setting for a day of fishing.

Tualatin River

The Tualatin River has more of a vibe. Still provides opportunities for angling. You can catch bass. There are seasonal runs of steelhead as well. It's quite accessible with parks and natural areas along its banks.

Remember to check the regulations from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) before you go fishing as water bodies may have specific rules and seasons in place. Also ensure that you have the fishing license, for your type of fishing.

Since fishing conditions can vary based on seasons and other factors it's always helpful to visit bait and tackle shops for information on where and when to fish.

Check out the ODFW website, for information on fishing in the Willamette River. If you're looking for guided fishing opportunities you can find some fishing guides at nwfish.com. For information about Henry Hagg Lake Park, including facilities, boat rentals and regulations visit the Hagg Lake Park website provided by Washington County. Stay updated on conservation efforts and river conditions by visiting the Clackamas River Basin Councils website at clackamasriver.org. Likewise if you're interested in learning about the Sandy Rivers conditions and habitat head over to sandyriver.org, where you can find information from the Sandy River Basin Watershed Council.

That's a glimpse of whats available! With numerous waterways in the Portland area waiting to be explored and offering spots for casting your line there's no shortage of options for anglers, like yourself.


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What are some good fishing spots in or around Portland?

Fishing Locations in Portland, Oregon

  • Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

    Tucked away on the east side of the Willamette River this urban sanctuary provides a tranquil fishing experience away from boat traffic. While its renowned for bird watching it also offers an opportunity for bank fishing, where you can try your hand at catching catfish and bass.

  • Blue Lake Regional Park

    Located in Fairview, east of Portland Blue Lake is not popular for swimming and boating but also serves as a fantastic spot for anglers to reel in rainbow trout, bass and panfish. With its picnic areas and boat rentals available it's a destination for a family fishing trip.

  • Smith and Bybee Wetlands

    As one of the wetlands in the entire United States this natural wonderland is home to numerous species of fish. You can access its waters via kayak. Canoe to explore its beauty while indulging in bass and panfish fishing.

These hidden fishing spots, around Portland offer environments where you can embrace natures beauty while enjoying your pastime.

  • Scappoose Bay

    Located northwest of Portland Scappoose Bay is a spot, for both paddling and fishing enthusiasts in the Columbia River area. Anglers can have a time targeting species like bass, panfish and even seasonal salmon and steelhead runs. For an angling adventure consider trying kayak fishing.

  • Tryon Creek State Natural Area

    While primarily known for its hiking trails and natural beauty Tryon Creek State Natural Area also offers the opportunity for a day of trout fishing in a serene forest environment with Tryon Creek flowing through it.

  • Powell Butte Nature Park

    Powell Butte, an extinct cinder cone volcano not provides hiking opportunities and wildlife viewing but also features small ponds that offer a tranquil setting for catching bass and panfish.

  • Salmon Creek

    Situated in North Portland Salmon Creek serves as a tributary to the Columbia River. Serves as an alternative for those seeking a quieter fishing experience away from the larger crowds found on the main river.

When selecting these fishing locations always prioritize conservation by practicing catch and release techniques when. This helps maintain the health and stability of fish populations.

Also make sure to be mindful of and respect any owned land or areas designated for habitat restoration that may be adjacent to these fishing spots.

Before you embark on your fishing expedition it is crucial to ensure that you have the permissions and are aware of any regulations or changes in access. If you have any doubts it's best to reach out to the parks departments or the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for the up to date information and any required permits.