Can You Suggest Artisan Markets Or Craft Fairs In Portland?

Can you suggest artisan markets or craft fairs in Portland?

Discovering the Vibrant Artisan Markets and Craft Fairs of Portland

Crafty Wonderland
  • Location: Oregon Convention Center
  • Description: Crafty Wonderland stands as a must visit biannual extravaganza that brings together an impressive array of local vendors. This bustling market offers an assortment of illustrations, jewelry, clothing and home décor.

Portland Saturday Market

  • Location: 2 SW Naito Parkway
  • Description: With roots dating back to 1974 the Portland Saturday Market has become an enduring tradition held every Saturday from March until Christmas. This open air market delights visitors with its range of arts, crafts and delectable food offerings from local artisans.

Renegade Craft Fair

  • Location: Locations; please check their website for details
  • Description: The Renegade Craft Fair embarks on a journey to Portland as part of its traveling showcase. Promoting the trends in the indie craft and design community this fair provides a platform for emerging talents to captivate visitors with their creations.

Portland Flea + Food

  • Location: 2505 SE 11th Ave, Portland
  • Description: Indulge your senses at the Portland Flea + Food market located in Southeast Portland. Offering a fusion of vintage finds and delectable culinary treats from vendors this vibrant gathering promises an experience.

Immerse yourself in the thriving creativity scene of Portland by exploring these captivating artisan markets and craft fairs—a testament to the citys commitment, to celebrating endeavors. This market takes place every Sunday of the month. Brings together a mix of vintage and handmade goods along, with a variety of local food and drink vendors.

Unique Markets Portland organizes these events at locations. For the up to date information please check their website.

These pop up markets are, about showcasing the talents of designers, artists and entrepreneurs. They aim to provide shoppers with a one of a kind experience that you won't find else.


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Can you suggest artisan markets or craft fairs in Portland?

Certainly! Portland is a city bursting with creativity. Its home, to an array of talented artisans and crafters. In addition to the known markets there are other venues and events where you can explore and uncover beautiful handcrafted treasures;

  • The Mississippi Avenue Street Fair;

    Description; This vibrant street fair takes place annually in July. Stands as one of Portlands events. It showcases the work of artists, craftspeople and musicians along the lively Mississippi Avenue.

    Highlights; Alongside artisan goods you'll also find an abundance of food options and captivating entertainment.

  • The Local 14 Art Show & Sale;

    Description; Known as one of the art shows in the Portland area LOCAL 14 presents exceptional fine art and craft. This cherished event has been running since 1967. Typically takes place during the fall.

    Highlights; The exhibition features works by Pacific Northwest artists, including captivating paintings, mixed media pieces and exquisite artisan jewelry.

  • Crafty Wonderlands Pop Up Shops;

    Description; Apart, from their scale shows Crafty Wonderland operates a year round retail store that hosts smaller pop up events. These gatherings showcase items crafted by local and regional artists.

    Highlights; You can find a curated collection of goods that're perfect, for discovering something truly unique and handcrafted.

The Alberta Street Fair is a celebration that takes place every August bringing together the community of Alberta Street. This lively event showcases an array of crafts, music and delicious food. The street comes alive with, over 300 vendors offering items and original artwork creating an atmosphere.

If you're interested in exploring offerings in Portland there are several additional resources worth checking out. Crafty Wonderlands Pop Up Shops provide an opportunity to discover creations at their store. Thursday in the Pearl is another event that allows you to delve into the art scene of the Pearl District. For those seeking a Sunday adventure the Rejuvenation Sunday Emporium offers an experience.. If you're looking for entertainment don't miss out on the Night Market Vancouver.

Portlands art and craft scene truly reflects the citys essence and support for makers. These markets and fairs not showcase the talent of Pacific Northwest artists but also serve as enjoyable avenues for visitors to connect with the community and find one of a kind handcrafted treasures.

For information, about the Alberta Street Fair specifically you can visit Alberta Main Streets website.