Can You Suggest Any Waterfront Dining Spots With Great Views In Portland?

Can you suggest any waterfront dining spots with great views in Portland?

Certainly Portland, OR has dining establishments along the waterfront where one can relish a delectable meal while enjoying captivating vistas of the Willamette River;

  • Three Degrees, at Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel. This establishment offers a menu inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Presents a view of the river. It possesses an ambiance for dining during the summer months when one can savor their meal on the terrace.
  • Aquariva. Situated on the banks of the Willamette River this eatery offers a menu that changes to incorporate locally sourced ingredients. The views from their patio are tranquil and picturesque making it an ideal location for a dinner or a special celebration.
  • Il Terrazzo at the Portland Spirit. Although not your waterfront restaurant Il Terrazzo operates on the deck of the Portland Spirit cruise ship providing guests with an immobile dining experience that boasts panoramic water vistas. It's an option that also allows you to observe passing boats as you indulge in your meal.
  • McCormick & Schmick’s Harborside, at the Marina. With its deck overlooking the marina this establishment grants diners a splendid view of the river. This place is famous, for its seafood and top quality steaks offering an American dining experience.
  • Altitude Restaurant at The Porter Portland. Although its not situated directly by the waterfront this rooftop restaurant boasts a view of the city and river. It's a choice for those who love landscapes combined with scenic vistas.
  • Meriwethers Restaurant. Even though its a bit away from the river Meriwethers is renowned for its garden and a menu that highlights local and seasonal ingredients. The outdoor dining experience here is truly delightful surrounded by greenery and featuring a water element that pays tribute, to Portlands river culture.

Please keep in mind that operational hours or menus of these establishments might change so its always recommended to check their status and make reservations before planning your visit.

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Keep in mind that Portlands weather is known to be changeable and outdoor seating is most comfortable during the spring, through early fall months. Enjoy your dining experience while taking in some of Portlands waterfront views!


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Can you suggest any waterfront dining spots with great views in Portland?

Restaurant Recommendations

  • The Deck

    Situated by the Columbia River, The Deck is an establishment for a leisurely afternoon or evening. They specialize in seafood dishes and offer an assortment of beverages for you to relish as you soak in the scenic riverfront.

    The Deck
  • The Fields Bar & Grill

    While not on the waters edge The Fields provides seating with views overlooking the Willamette River. It's a sports bar that boasts an diverse menu featuring options for brunch, lunch and dinner.

    The Fields Bar & Grill
  • Riverside, at the Waterfront Marriott

    With both outdoor seating options offering vistas of the Willamette River this elegant dining venue located within the Marriott hotel offers an ambience. Their menu focuses on cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients.

  • Portland City Grill

    Although its not directly situated on the waterfront this restaurant, on the floor of the US Bancorp Tower boasts views of Portland, including the river. Renowned for its steak and seafood dishes it's a spot for a special dinner or a delightful happy hour with a scenic backdrop.

    Portland City Grill
  • Tom McCall Waterfront Park

    For a dining experience grab some food from nearby restaurants or food carts and have a lovely picnic at this park along the riverfront. You'll have seats to observe the river traffic and possibly enjoy some people watching opportunities in the city.

    Tom McCall Waterfront Park
  • Clarklewis

    Though away from the waterfront Clarklewis still offers glimpses of the distant river while providing an industrial chic ambiance that emphasizes farm to table dining. Famous for its cuisine, this restaurant is perfect for food enthusiasts seeking to savor flavors.


While visiting any of these locations be mindful of Portland’s changing weather as waterfront dining is particularly popular during warmer months. If you're looking for resources here are some recommendations;

Each of these venues offers an experience that allows you to appreciate Portland’s natural beauty while savoring some of the city’s finest culinary delights.