Can You Suggest Any Lecture Series Or Public Talks At Local Universities In Portland?

Can you suggest any lecture series or public talks at local universities in Portland?

Portland, Oregon is known for its education institutions that frequently organize lecture series and public discussions on a wide range of topics. These events are open, to the public. Offer valuable insights into fields such as humanities, science, politics and arts. Here are some recommendations for engaging lecture series and public talks at universities in Portland;

  • Portland State University (PSU)
    PSU hosts an array of lectures and events throughout the year across various departments. They showcase lecture series like "Portland State of Mind." Invite esteemed scholars to deliver talks.
    For information on events and lectures, at PSU you can refer to their comprehensive events calendar; PSU Events
  • Reed College
    At Reed College you can explore their captivating "Reed College Public Programs," which features a lineup of lectures and readings by authors, scientists and artists.
    If you're interested, in attending lectures and events you can check out the events page of Reed College here.
  • Lewis & Clark College
    Lewis & Clark College has a history of hosting lectures and events that cover a wide range of topics including environmental issues and global affairs.
    For information about events you can visit the Lewis & Clark events page here.
  • University of Portland (UP)
    The University of Portland (UP) is well known for organizing a series of lectures on subjects like theology, philosophy, sustainability and social justice.
    You can find the lecture schedules by checking out UPs calendar here.
  • Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
    OHSU being a leading university in health sciences and research regularly hosts talks and seminars related to these fields as patient care.
    If you're interested in health related topics you can explore OHSUs events and talks here.
  • Willamette University
    Willamette University, located in Salem occasionally holds lectures and discussions, at its Portland Center. These events focus on business education and law reflecting the programs offered at the center. To stay updated on their events you can visit the Willamette Events page here.

When planning to attend any lectures or series it's important to check the events calendar of the university. Dates and times may. Some events may require advance registration.

If you're interested in finding lectures and public talks at universities keep an eye on community bulletin boards university social media pages, as well as publications like "Portland Monthly" or "Willamette Week." These sources often advertise events.

For resources on events happening at universities, in the area;


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Can you suggest any lecture series or public talks at local universities in Portland?

Portland Educational Opportunities

  • Oregon Historical Society

    The Oregon Historical Society (OHS) frequently hosts captivating talks and lectures that delve into the history of Oregon and the broader Pacific Northwest region. These events offer a perspective making them truly valuable for history enthusiasts.
    Stay up to date with lectures by checking out the calendar provided by OHS; Oregon Historical Society Events

  • World Affairs Council of Oregon

    If you have an interest in affairs and international relations the World Affairs Council of Oregon is a resource. They organize thought provoking talks and panel discussions featuring experts from around the world providing insights into pressing issues.
    Explore their calendar to stay informed about fascinating discussions, on world affairs; World Affairs Council of Oregon

  • Portland Art Museum

    Art lovers can indulge in talks and discussions, at the Portland Art Museum. This is where artists, curators and art experts gather to share their insights on works and movements.
    To stay updated with talks and events you can check out the schedule on the Portland Art Museum Events page.

  • Literary Arts

    In Portland a vibrant literary community thrives with organizations like Literary Arts leading the way. One of their events is the Portland Arts & Lectures series, where attendees have the opportunity to listen to acclaimed writers and intellectuals from across the country.
    For information, about schedules and speakers please visit Literary Arts Events

  • Powells City of Books

    Powells City of Books stands as one of the bookstores globally. It regularly hosts captivating author readings and book signings that often include engaging lectures or discussions led by the authors themselves.
    To keep up with their calendar of events be sure to visit their website.

  • Science, on Tap

    Science on Tap is a series of lectures where experts discuss technological topics in local bars and venues. The aim is to encourage engagement in conversations within a relaxed setting.
    Stay updated on upcoming science talks by visiting; Science on Tap Events

  • Multnomah County Library

    The library system in Portland frequently hosts educational events and invites authors to speak on a wide range of subjects, including technology and poetry.
    Explore the librarys events for insightful talks; Multnomah County Library Events

Make sure to visit each organizations website or contact them directly for the information, about their events as schedules may vary and certain events could be seasonally or locally/nationally tied.

Check out these websites for events, in Portland;

These websites provide information about a variety of events happening in the area. Keep an eye on them to stay updated on the happenings, in Portland!