Can You Recommend Places For Prenatal Wellness And Classes In Portland?

Can you recommend places for prenatal wellness and classes in Portland?

Absolutely! Prenatal well being encompasses a range of activities geared towards supporting the mental and emotional health of expectant mothers. In Portland, Oregon there are a number of regarded establishments that provide services and classes to promote wellness.

  1. Zenana Spa and Wellness Center

    Zenana Spa and Wellness Center places an emphasis, on maternity wellness by offering an array of services such as pregnancy massages, lactation consulting, well as various classes like prenatal yoga, childbirth education and workshops on babywearing.

    Location; 2024 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202

  2. Belly Bliss

    Belly Bliss provides a variety of pregnancy related services including yoga and fitness classes, childbirth preparation courses and support for mothers during their journey into parenthood. Their goal is to promote an joyful experience throughout pregnancy.

    Location; They primarily offer classes at venues; please refer to their website for the up to date schedule and locations.

  3. Legacy Health System – Family Birth Centers

    Legacy Healths Family Birth Centers offer a range of classes for families covering topics such as breastfeeding support infant CPR training, as well as family birth preparation courses. Their programs are designed to equip families with the knowledge, for labor, delivery and newborn care.

  • Legacy Health; Visit the Legacy Health website to find the Family Birth Center location to you.

  • Providence Health & Services; Providence offers classes and tours that cover topics such, as childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, newborn care and even grandparenting basics. They are well known for their quality healthcare services. Also provide support groups. Check the Providence Health & Services website for locations and schedules.

  • Yoga Pearl; While Yoga Pearl doesn't exclusively focus on yoga they offer classes for all stages of pregnancy. Their serene environment and experienced instructors can help you maintain flexibility, strength and relaxation throughout your pregnancy. You can find them at 925 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209.

  • Motheroots Counseling; For well being and mental health support during pregnancy Motheroots Counseling offers therapy sessions support groups and valuable resources. They address pregnancy related concerns well as the transition into motherhood. You can visit them at 1235 SE Division St #207, Portland OR 97202.

Remember to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any exercise class or treatment during pregnancy to ensure its suitability, for your situation.

Additional Suggestions, for Resources;

Check out the Zenana Spa and Wellness Center for a range of services and treatments to support your well being during pregnancy. You can find information on their website; Zenanas Website.

If you're interested in classes and workshops Belly Bliss is an option. They offer a variety of classes designed to enhance your pregnancy experience. Visit their website to explore the options; Find Classes Here.

Legacy Health System. Family Birth Centers also provides resources, including classes and events tailored to parents. You can find details about their offerings on their website; Legacys Classes and Events.

Providence Health & Services is another institution that offers pregnancy and parenting classes. Take a look at their website for information about the programs; Providence Pregnancy & Parenting Classes.

For those in incorporating yoga into their routine Yoga Pearl offers various classes specifically designed for expectant mothers. Check out their class schedule on their website; Yoga Pearls Classes.

Additionally if you're seeking counseling or emotional support during your journey Motheroots Counseling provides services that cater specifically to mothers to be. Learn more about what they offer on their website; Motheroots Services.

Portland embraces wellness and places importance on family health, which's evident through its numerous supportive resources and communities dedicated to assisting you throughout your prenatal journey. Make the most of your pregnancy by exploring the offerings, in Portland!


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Can you recommend places for prenatal wellness and classes in Portland?

Absolutely! In Portland, Oregon there are plenty of resources and services to support expecting mothers well being, during pregnancy.

Below is a compilation of places where pregnant women can find classes, support and wellness services.

  • The Bhaktishop Yoga Center

    This yoga center provides classes that focus on preparing both the body and mind for childbirth. Through yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation expecting mothers can join a nurturing community that supports their journey.

    Location: 2500 SE 26th Ave, Portland. 97202

  • Happy Mama Wellness

    Happy Mama Wellness offers a range of postpartum classes, workshops and support groups. They provide services such as fitness programs, childbirth education sessions and postpartum assistance to empower mothers throughout their pregnancy experience and beyond.

    Location: locations; please visit their website for more information.

  • Alma Midwifery Education & Movement Space

    Apart, from offering midwife services Alma also provides an education and movement space where they conduct childbirth preparation classes, newborn care workshops and /postnatal fitness sessions. Their community oriented environment fosters support for families throughout the pregnancy journey.

    Please note that these descriptions are based on the information at the time of writing.

    Address: 1608 SE Ankeny Street, Portland, Oregon 97214

  • Portland Doula Love

    In addition, to providing doula services Portland Doula Love also offers childbirth education classes. These classes cover a range of topics including labor and delivery relaxation techniques and breastfeeding.

    Address: 5100 SW Macadam Avenue #360, Portland, Oregon 97239

  • Movements in Pilates

    Specializing in postnatal care Movements in Pilates provides Pilates classes designed to strengthen and prepare the body for childbirth. Their program focuses on improving posture, alignment, and muscle tone.

    Address: They have studio locations where they operate from. To get the up to date information about their location details it's best to check their website.

  • Luna Wellness

    Luna Wellness offers a variety of services for individuals, under one roof. These include care, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Their dedicated team is committed to supporting women's health throughout pregnancy.

    Address: 4531 SE Belmont Street Suite 300 Portland, Oregon 97215

When exploring courses and wellness activities it's important to prioritize comfort and safety. It is crucial to collaborate with professionals who have expertise in care and communicate with your healthcare provider, about your plans for maintaining well being during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is a period of transformation and development. In Portland there is a focus on wellness offering nurturing environments to explore ensuring that you can find the most suitable options to meet your prenatal needs. Enjoy this journey, towards motherhood!