Are There Any Waterfront Neighborhoods In Portland?

Are there any waterfront neighborhoods in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Waterfront Neighborhoods

Portland, Oregon is renowned for its landscapes, including a variety of neighborhoods nestled along the water that provide both residents and visitors with breathtaking views and access, to water centric activities. Although not traditionally recognized as a waterfront city like San Francisco or Seattle Portland does boast neighborhoods situated alongside the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

South Waterfront

This new high density district showcases a blend of high rises office spaces, retail establishments and lush green areas. This thoughtfully designed community also boasts the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, which runs parallel to the Willamette River and serves as a spot for jogging, leisurely walks and various engaging festivals.

Sellwood Moreland (Sellwood)

Here you can discover Sellwood Riverfront Park—an oasis—alongside a tranquil area that provides a pleasant contrast to some of the more urbanized waterfront neighborhoods.

The Pearl District

As an revitalized zone that was once an area this district offers its own unique charm and allure. The district is known for its high end boutique shops, art galleries and restaurants. Its conveniently located near the Willamette River.

Cathedral Park

It gets its name from the Gothic arches of the bridge, above it. Cathedral Park itself is a space that leads down to the riverbank.

Hayden Island

One notable community is Jantzen Beach waterfront neighborhood. Hayden Island offers a range of living options including marinas and floating homes that add to Portlands vibrant waterfront scene.

If you're looking for information about these neighborhoods or community events you can visit Portlands website or check out the Portland Oregon Visitors Association (POVA).. If you're interested in exploring the waterways local businesses, like Portland Kayak Company offer tours and rentals.

If you're looking for information these resources can give you a better understanding of what each waterfront neighborhood has to offer.

Check out the Hayden Island Info website, for information.


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Are there any waterfront neighborhoods in Portland?

Portland's Riverfront Neighborhoods

Portland, Oregon has a variety of riverfront neighborhoods that offer views and a range of outdoor activities, for both residents and visitors. These areas blend recreational and commercial spaces together all united by the city's appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

Johns Landing

One notable neighborhood on the shores of the Willamette River in Southwest Portland is known as Johns Landing. It boasts a mix of houses, condominiums, and businesses with the river serving as a backdrop. Locals love spending time along the greenway path and docks by the river whether it's taking in the scenery going for a jog or indulging in casual waterfront dining.

St. Johns

Another riverside gem is found in North Portland called St. Johns neighborhood. While it may not be as close to the water as Cathedral Park, its business district and historic St. Johns Bridge make it an essential part of Portland's vibrant waterfront culture.


Situated along the bank of the Willamette River is Riverplace, a thriving section within Downtown Portland. This area buzzes with shopping opportunities, dining options, and recreational activities. With its marina, boardwalk, and abundant opportunities for boating and kayaking adventures await those who visit this district.

Hayden Island

In the part of Hayden Island, you'll find North Portland Harbor, a gem when it comes to waterfront areas. It's a choice for those who want to live on houseboats and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere away from the city's hustle and bustle.


Bridgeton is another neighborhood situated along the Columbia River. It offers a picturesque environment for people who want to live near the water. You'll find floating homes here giving you an opportunity to experience the Pacific Northwest lifestyle.

Kelly Point Park

Although not primarily a residential area Kelly Point Park is a waterfront park in Portland where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers meet. It offers spaces and river access making it perfect for picnicking, fishing or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the shoreline.

These neighborhoods exemplify Portland's connection with water providing both residents and visitors with opportunities to embrace nature within a setting. While Portland's waterfront may not be as expansive or renowned as that of some cities it still offers plenty of beauty and recreational options for those seeking an escape by the water.


If you are planning a trip to Portland's waterfront or looking for information about the activities available these resources can offer valuable guidance and deeper insights into each specific area of interest:

These resources will help you make decisions and gain an understanding of each location's attractions and recreational opportunities, along Portland's waterfront.