Are There Any Notable Seminars Or Conferences Happening In Portland?

Are there any notable seminars or conferences happening in Portland?

Portland, Oregon Seminars and Conferences

Here are some steps you can take to find seminars and conferences in Portland:
  • **Travel Portland Events Calendar**; This official resource offers event listings covering everything from conventions to seminars and conferences. You can easily search by date, event type and venue to find what you're interested in.
  • **Eventbrite**; Eventbrite is a platform for organizing events and selling tickets. It features events in Portland, including relevant seminars and conferences. You can conveniently filter your search by categories like "Business" or "Science & Tech" to narrow down your options.
  • **Meetup**; If you're looking for community oriented or smaller scale events Meetup is the resource. It's a platform where professionals and enthusiasts come together to organize gatherings, workshops and seminars.

Local universities and colleges, in Portland, such as Portland State University (PSU) University of Portland and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) frequently organize conferences, public lectures and professional seminars.

The events section of the Portland Business Journal provides a list of business related gatherings that often include conferences and seminars where industry leaders and professionals from the area come together to network and exchange insights.

If you have an interest in technology it's worth keeping track of organizations like TAO (Technology Association of Oregon) and PDX Women in Tech (PDXWIT) as they often host tech related events on their schedules.

Given that event schedules can change and new events are regularly added it is advisable to check these resources for the most up to date information.

Additional Resources

Travel Portland Events Calendar; You can find a calendar of events in Portland at https;//

Eventbrite. Portland; Discover conferences happening in Portland by visiting https;// portland/conferences/.

Meetup. Portland; Join the Meetup community in Portland to explore a range of meetings and gatherings at https;//

Find out about upcoming events, at Portland State University.

Stay updated on business related events through Portland Business Journal Events.

Learn more about technology focused activities by checking out TAO (Technology Association of Oregon).

Check out the events, in Portland and the greater Oregon area! You can find a list of tech related events at https;//

If you're interested in connecting with women in the tech industry don't miss out on the PDX Women in Tech (PDXWIT) events. Additionally keep in mind that certain seasonal conferences like gardening, wine or books may take place during times of the year. You can stay updated on industry events by connecting with associations, in Portland and Oregon.


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Are there any notable seminars or conferences happening in Portland?


Portland is renowned, for its scene and innovative mindset making it a hub for various captivating seminars and conferences. These events cover a range of topics including sustainability, creative arts, technology and entrepreneurship.

If you're interested in discovering exciting events in Portland there are avenues you can explore. Here are some unique ways to find seminars and conferences;

  • **Mercury Events**; The Portland Mercury, an weekly newspaper features a carefully curated events section that showcases a diverse array of local happenings. This includes known seminars and specialized conferences that might not receive promotion.
  • **Portland Tech Calendar**; For those in tech related events this community driven calendar provides insights into upcoming meetups, hackathons and conferences focused on the tech industry.
  • **Industry Specific Associations**; Many professional sectors such as energy, design and manufacturing have their associations that organize annual conferences in Portland. For example the Oregon Solar Energy Conference stands out as one of the gatherings for professionals.

By exploring these avenues and organizations known for hosting gatherings in Portland you'll be able to stay informed, about the seminars and conferences taking place in the city.

  1. The Oregon Convention Center is widely recognized as the go to destination, for hosting large scale conventions and trade shows in Portland. If you're looking for conferences and expos a good starting point would be to explore the Oregon Convention Centers own events calendar.
  2. Portland is renowned for its commitment to eco friendliness. There are organizations dedicated to sustainability such as EcoTrust or the Audubon Society of Portland that occasionally organize seminars and symposiums.
  3. If you're interested in creativity and media there are events like Design Week Portland and the Portland Film Festival that bring together creators and thinkers from over the country through engaging seminars and workshops.
  4. Local business groups like the Portland Business Alliance often play a role in sponsoring and promoting conferences focused on economic development opportunities and networking.

When searching for seminars and conferences, in Portland it's worth exploring media pages event listings of bookstores, cafes and community centers as these venues sometimes host specialized talks and workshops that offer valuable content but may not receive extensive promotion.

Additional Event Resources

You can find events happening in Portland on the Portland Mercury Events website; link

For a tech calendar, in Portland check out the Portland Tech Calendar on Calagator;

Stay updated with the events taking place at the Oregon Convention Center by visiting their official website; link

Discover various events organized by EcoTrust on their dedicated events page; link

The Audubon Society of Portland also hosts interesting and engaging events that you might be interested in attending. Find out more on their website; link

Design Week Portland is a must for design enthusiasts. Explore their website to stay informed about design related events; link

Film lovers can enjoy the offerings of the Portland Film Festival. Learn more about this event on their website; link

The Portland Business Alliance organizes various networking and business related events throughout the year. Check out their event listings for information; link