Are There Any Green Hotels Or Hostels In Portland?

Are there any green hotels or hostels in Portland?

Absolutely! Portland, Oregon is widely recognized for its commitment, to sustainability and protecting the environment. The city offers a variety of eco accommodations that prioritize conservation, recycling and providing locally sourced amenities.

One great example is the Heathman Hotel, which has earned LEED certification for its dedication to practices. The hotel incorporates energy lighting, water saving plumbing fixtures and a comprehensive recycling and composting program.

Another notable option is the Hotel Monaco Portland, a LEED certified property belonging to the Kimpton chain. This hotel upholds responsibility by offering food and wine options utilizing non toxic cleaning products and utilizing recycled paper goods.

For those seeking a hostel experience with an eco focus, the HI. Portland Hawthorne Hostel is a choice. It boasts features such as panels for energy generation, rainwater harvesting systems and robust recycling and composting programs.

These are a few examples among many, in Portland where establishments are embracing eco practices that align with the citys overall green culture.

When you're making arrangements, for your stay it's also helpful to see if the hotels or hostels have received any certifications or sustainability awards. These accolades can give you a sense of their dedication to friendly practices.


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Are there any green hotels or hostels in Portland?


In Portlands environmentally conscious community you can discover a variety of accommodation options that place an emphasis, on sustainability. Here are some exceptional eco friendly places to stay in Portland;

  • One notable choice is The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel situated in the heart of downtown Portland. This luxurious hotel not provides top notch comfort. Also prioritizes sustainability through energy saving initiatives and eco friendly operational practices.
  • Another interesting option is The Jupiter Hotel which was converted from a motel into an eco establishment. They actively collaborate with partners to minimize waste maximize recycling efforts and even have eco roof installations.
  • For history enthusiasts seeking lodging, McMenamins Kennedy School offers an experience. This former school turned hotel has made it their mission to preserve the past while embracing sustainability. They prioritize utilizing suppliers and resources to reduce their impact.
  • If you're looking for an environmentally responsible hostel experience consider staying at The Society Hotel. Housed in a renovated building they have incorporated numerous sustainable features such as salvaged materials and energy efficient amenities.

Each of these accommodations implements initiatives including energy efficient lighting and heating systems renewable energy sources utilization, low flow water fixtures installation recycling programs implementation, as well, as sourcing local and organic food options.

When planning your travels it's an idea to contact these hotels or check out their websites for the most, up to date information, on their sustainability practices. These efforts are always. Growing, so its worth staying informed.