Are There Any Craft Or Maker Fairs In Portland?

Are there any craft or maker fairs in Portland?

Portland, Oregon is widely known for its thriving arts scene and the vibrant do it yourself (DIY) culture it embraces. This makes it an exceptional destination, for craft and maker fairs that celebrate the citys community.

Here are some popular events that highlight Portlands spirit;

  • Crafty Wonderland. Crafty Wonderland stands out as the art and craft show in Portland featuring a range of handmade goods created by talented local and regional artists. The show takes place twice a year – in spring and another during the holiday season.
  • Portland Saturday Market. While not a craft fair the Portland Saturday Market is a market held every Saturday from March through Christmas. It offers a treasure trove of creations by artisans and makers. Being one of the countrys running markets adds to its charm.
  • Art in the Pearl. Held annually during Labor Day weekend Art in the Pearl brings together artists and craftspeople from mediums such as glass, wood, metal and more to showcase their work in North Park Blocks, within Portlands Pearl District.
    • Official website; *Website link may be missing or unavailable*

Here are a few notable craft and maker events, in Portland where you can discover made handcrafted items and show your support for the local maker community;

  • Art in the Pearl; This event showcases a range of artwork and crafts attracting artists from around the region.
  • Renegade Craft Fair; A traveling fair that periodically visits Portland featuring selected crafters. Make sure to check their website for upcoming event dates.
  • Portland Night Market; This market offers a blend of food, culture, music, drinks and retail in the Industrial District. It features makers and artisans. Is usually held a few times throughout the year.
  • Unique Markets Portland; Part of a series of markets held nationwide Unique Markets brings together makers, designers and artists to create a shopping experience.

Remember to visit their websites or contact the organizers directly for the up to date information on dates, times and locations as these details may vary from year, to year. Don't forget to visit the websites of Crafty Wonderland, Portland Saturday Market Art, in the Pearl, Renegade Craft, Portland Night Market and Unique Markets Portland for the information on event dates vendor applications and more details if you're interested, in attending or participating in these fairs.


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Are there any craft or maker fairs in Portland?

Absolutely! Portland is a hub of creativity and skilled craftsmanship offering a plethora of opportunities to explore the artisan scene. Here are some noteworthy events and resources that cater to those, in experiencing the world of crafts and makers;

  • Portland Flea + Food. This delightful gathering brings together the best of Portlands artisans, culinary experts and vintage curators. Held on a basis this marketplace serves as a celebration of the exceptional businesses that contribute to Portlands unique charm.
    Stay updated on Instagram; Portland Flea + Food
  • Rose City Comic Con. While primarily known as a convention for book enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados Rose City Comic Con also provides a platform for craftsmen and artists to showcase their talents through an array of handcrafted and personalized items inspired by the captivating world of comics.
    Visit their website; Rose City Comic Con
  • The Portland Bazaar. As a holiday gift showcase and sale The Bazaar offers a shopping experience filled with locally crafted treasures. With an emphasis, on quality and curation this event elevates holiday shopping by showcasing handcrafted items that reflect the spirit of Portland.
    Check out The Portland Bazaars Facebook page, for updates on the following events happening in Portland
  • PDX Pop Up Shops; This initiative transforms spaces into temporary stores during the holiday season. It's a way to experience and support designers and artists while shopping.
    Learn more about this experience in Portland through Travel Portlands Official Guide.
  • The Makers Fair at OMSI; The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) occasionally hosts Maker Fairs that showcase the maker movement focusing on science, technology, engineering, art and math.
    You can find information about this event on the OMSI Maker Fair official website
  • Our Portland Story Night; This event goes beyond a craft as it brings together local storytellers, including designers, artists and citizens who share stories related to their crafts.
    For details about this gathering of storytellers in Portland visit the official website of Our Portland Story
  • Each of these events represents an aspect of the vibrant maker spirit in Portland from holiday markets, to innovation focused maker fairs. Not all of them may follow the format of craft fairs. They all share a common theme. Celebrating the creativity and originality of local artisans and creators, in Portland.
    If you're interested in attending any of these events make sure to double check the dates and locations as they may vary from year to year. It's an opportunity to show your support for the thriving community of individuals and discover one of a kind handmade items in Portland

For information about these events you can check out the following resources;

  • Get updates on Portland Flea + Food on Instagram; Instagram
  • Explore Rose City Comic Con; Website
  • Connect with The Portland Bazaar on Facebook; Facebook
  • Discover PDX Pop Up Shops through Travel Portland; Travel Portland
  • Learn about OMSI Maker Fair at OMSIs website; OMSI
  • Visit Our Portland Storys website, for insights; Website

Supporting local makers and experiencing their craft is an enriching experience that you don't want to miss when visiting Portland.